New CD Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 18

Hey guys, here’s your second CD chapter of the day!  This chapter and the next two chapters will be the regular chapters for this week!  Enjoy the read: Book 20, Chapter 18 – Joke is out!

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  1. Hey Ren, I did some math and if you started sponsored chapters at 100, did 200 regular chapters since, and have 500 sponsored chapters you made 40K off fan-translating in a year.

    I know theres a ton of variables especially since you made it so people couldnt directly fund CD at one point(Did that stop at some point or is it still going?) but just looking at that general math, you made a very large amount of money, Heck if I’m not wrong thats about on par with a (Shitty) full time job.

    I just randomly thought of this during my reread and thought it was awesome.

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