New CD Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of the week for CD! Book 20, Chapter 1 – Father and Son has been released! Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by shizuyami, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for shizuyami. Thanks, shizuyami! Queue cleared! New week, still regular chapters to come though, so fear not, we have more to read!

Also, good news for ATG fans. Since ATG seems to have some problem keeping its queue down (it just keeps growing, LOL), I’ve volunteered my services to alyschu and co to help them keep those chapters pumpin’ out even faster 😉 This may or may not mean that I will be helping out on ATG full time after I’m done with CD in a few weeks (my lord, just a few weeks!). For those who are concerned, the donations in the ATG queue for the chapters that I clear will be distributed to alyschu’s team, and I won’t be taking them, so no worries, I’m not stealing their candy xD. Ok, see y’all!

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  1. Wow Ren. Thanks for the chapter. Please don’t overwork yourself~ Your health is much more important. Helping is good just don’t overwork yourself. Anyway Thanks as always.

  2. I feel heavens gates opening. I have reached enlightenment!!!

    Oh thank you oh great Elder of the Wuxiaworld sect for having mercy upon these poor disciples and allowing us more ATG!!!!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

    1. Haha Wuxiaworld really should be a sect – Patriach Ren for sure, I guess alyschu, GGP etc. are all Elders? Hopefully enlightened ones not like in PMG 😉

      I hope we leechers qualify to be outer disciples at least! 😀

  3. Thanks alot Ren, I really appreciate it personally, ATG is really awesome and it’s really kind of you to help them out. More chapters would make me personally very happy.

    And also i’m glad you’re planning on taking another project after CD, you’re a wonderful translator and kind person.

  4. Hey RWX! This is my first time commenting and I was going to email you but since you have read my mind I would like to Thank you! After Coiling Dragon I was wondering if you would pick up ATG or ISSTH, but it seems you have picked ATG and I must say that the backing you will get will surprise you. Thank you for translating coiling dragon and if you push ATG, I believe it can be a great series to pick up pace in.

          1. Meh i would prefer to bring Stellar Transformation back here. I know translationnations is working on it, but they only release one chapter a week. And it looks like it will only get worst since the translators are back to school.

  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    Oh Lord, this is what happens you attempt to compete with low quality vs an established group who has a backer against translation Poaching. The backer step in to help.

  6. Man when I finished reading CD recently it felt so weird with how much time I had on my hands afterwards lol I can’t even begin to imagine how weird it would feel to be Ren since translating takes much longer than reading once he finishes translating CD.

    1. Don’t forget from Decemeber –> Aug, he has well enough money accepting donations, when the other groups did more free translation then him.
      Rather, ever since the first anniversary, REN has not really has a donationless break. First anniversary, donation went to +1000%, then +2000% when that was cleared.

      Remember “TheLEECHER” Ren?

          1. Honestly that post is so outdated I had to ask for like half of that donation back because I ran out of money for lunar new year gifts XD and then I made a ruckus with the challenges so I just kinda absconded from view so I wouldnt make more trouble qq. Im so glad to see the wuxia/xinxia being so widespread now I used to frequent rrl before when it was still translating LMS and now they have so many different wuxia/xinxia works 😀 so hats off to REN who started the train and all the ppl who hopped aboard 😛

          2. 囧囧囧 so you are still here! You’ve been silent for so long, I was beginning to wonder. How’s life, buddy?!

          3. Life is hectic! thanks for asking ren but compared to you my life is like smooth cruising. The only eventful things were a car accident and me eating ice cream for the first time in awhile ._.

  7. Glad to hear your helping out with ATG. I was concerned that that it would end up being dropped with all the drama. Hopefully this will take some of the pressure off alyschu & Co so that they can focus on school. Thanks for the great work!

  8. Thanks Ren, for the chapter and for helping ATG. ATG is my 2nd favourite novel afterall. Ofc CD will be the first. 😀
    But, I love them both equally, because ATG is just started, so it is not fair to compare with CD which almost reach it’s final book.

  9. Wow. Thank you for working on ATG after you’re done with CD… Although.. It still has Books 20 and 21.. I wonder how much a ‘few weeks’ is.. Eh? Don’t go crazy now…

  10. Woot! I love ATG. And while I’ve loved that all the drama has pushed out more chapters, I feared this site would end up dropping it and we’d be stuck with low quality work or none at all. This is great news. If i can’t throw my money at you, I’ll throw it at them!

  11. This may or may not mean that I will be helping out on ATG full time after I’m done with CD in a few weeks

    I was looking forward to which awesome story you’d introduce to us next, after CD is done. Though I can’t really complain if you end up working on ATG as I really enjoy that too – have been waiting for the TLs to catch up to my MTL reading, got too tempted a long time back and did an MTL marathon 🙁 (which I don’t recommend, its not an MTL-friendly series imho)

  12. Awesome news!!! I’m glad that you decided to help them. It seems like CD will be the first xianxia that I will read to the end, not for other reasons than other novels not being translated so far yet. I still haven’t found a xianxia novel completely translated and it’s quite frustrating how I have about 15 xianxia in my list which I’m constantly monitoring(literally) while being unable to read further or to read other novels because things will only get more confusing the more novels I read as they have a lot of similarities with each other.

  13. Damn, RWX, you’re killing me, man. More ATG chapters incoming? You (might) work at it after finishing CD?
    My heart can’t take it, this is too good to be true. 😀

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work. You, sir, are awesome.

  14. Yay another chapter!
    Will read it after i finished TGR 😀

    And btw you are crazy! Do not break down from all the work o.o
    (It’s actually pure self interest XD i can’t live without your translations anymore :D)

  15. I honestly want to thank that guy on the other site…….With all his hiphopping…. he brought out our Lord Ren into the play….and now he’s Doomed to fail….and as a bonus we readers will probably be able to enjoy a Daily dose from Doctor ” Troll-Che “.
    And…. some readers should grow some brains and realize that which side is more reliable……!!!!
    Thanks dude ( the other guy) for all you’ve done for us.
    And Hurrah….for Lord Ren….. ATG my 2nd favorite novel.

  16. Thanks a lot for the chapter Ren, on the ATG full time possibility, i really like ATG and think that from time to time when the Alyschu & Co. need help you helping it will be a good thing but i think that maybe you should start one new project, help to bring some diversity…

  17. Thats great news, although I was hoping you would pick up the 3rd series by the BTTH dude. Then again, maybe having series actually get finished is more important. God knows youre going to be one of the few translators to translate something big and huge, to the end, by yourself.

  18. seriously! O.o
    this makes me wonder, Ren do you really have a job aside from translating?
    I mean thinking back, you translated three chapters a day ALONE! well there’re others who do multiple chapters a day too but not ALONE! and now you’re saying going to help out with ATG with 2CD chapters, how can you have the free time?
    Hell! even I can’t plan out the day with that much efficiency, well I mean translating takes a lot of time right??? at least for normal people >.>
    Ren are you a Human? God? or a Machine?

    BTW I’m very very sad when you said that CD’s gonna end soon, we know that! You don’t have remind us specially! *pout* you meanie! I was trying to forget that!
    PS. and… um… thank you! >.<

    1. I’m pretty sure Ren has one of those jobs where its mostly free time outside of Crunch Hour, and that hes rather experienced compared to most of the other translators and thus has higher accuracy at a higher speed. Translation is one of those things where more experience directly translates to higher efficiency. Also when Ren translated the Chinese forum stuff, it “bashed” on IET for having a simple writing style, dont quote me on this, but in Asian languages the simpler the writing is the easier it is to translate to western languages.

      (Personally, the simpler the better, I dont need several paragraphs devoted to the description of a castle, WHEEEL OF TIME!!!!)

      1. Hey ren, after you finish CD, will you start another project besides ATG? There is a novel called the Great Conqueror and it seems like a wuxia novel and I know people on the Forum page wanted this one to be translated. It would be awesome if you could translate it:). Have a great day!

      1. then get one! really! find one!
        you know I got a big sis who is always busy with her job, morning to night!
        do you what she does for stress release? she decorates her nails every night.
        You can do that if you like? and with decorated nails it’s easier to get a boyfriend (since they aren’t afraid of your nails) I’m telling you this with experience
        juuuust kidding plz don’t get mad! 😉

  19. Ren, a few weeks?!?! If my calculations are correct CD should be done by the end of November at the earliest barring another couple of trips behind the great firewall of china and bad internet connections late December would be the latest right?

  20. Just a few more weeks…….
    Somehow it makes me both happy and a bit sad at the same time
    Happy because CD is going to be the first xianxia which I will be able to read from from the beginning to the end
    Sad because now I find myself wishing “If only CD was a bit longer”
    Anyway I am truly happy to hear that you may take up ATG after CD as it could very well be the second best novel on this site after CD (personal opinion)
    So……..thanks a lot Ren

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