New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 64

Hey guys, here is the very final chapter of Book 19. Book 19, Chapter 64 – Gathered From Many Places has been released! This concludes Book 19, and we are now off to Book 20, the penultimate book of the 21-book Coiling Dragon series. Enjoy the read! This was a regular chapter, and as such did NOT count against the queue. Cheers!

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        1. You have got it wrong!
          He just can’t do anything before reading CD, that is no willpower, willpower would be waiting until the whole translation is finished! (And honestly who is able to do that…)

  1. Woah, already come this far?
    Everyone should enjoy book 21 to it´s fullest, it´s one of the best books in CD but you shouldn’t have high hopes on the last book, it´s great and all but.. don´t have expectations over 9000!

    1. i also wonder wth happened with the crown, even more so since it’s been 10 years AFTER the planar wars, much less the hundreds from when he picked it up

      oops, missed the time that he was waiting for them to all gather, alltogether about 100 years

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