New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 63

Hey guys, finally got internet working at my grandparents’ place. Here’s your chapter for the day, a regular chapter! Book 19, Chapter 63 – Return has been released! No time to chat, stupid busy packed weekend. Cheers!

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  1. i feel your pain. i go thru the same 20 min ordeal every time i head to the g-parents for a visit… its really bad when you know that there are several chapters just waiting to be read 😛

    thx for the chapter

  2. Thanxs for the Chapter! i’m not asking u to release it but is it possible to tell us when the next chapter is coming out if ur having a break or whats the schedule? if u dont feel like it feel free to ignore this comment

  3. what’s up with this anyway?

    why is the comment editable even after 5 minutes? in my case, even after a full day.

    i notice that this comment will went into moderated section because of links, so i thought it is a good way to attract your attention. you can unapproved or approved this at you own discretion. as long as you got the notice

    edit : eh, it did not went into ‘awaiting moderation’ this time? hmm.. i wonder what the real criteria is since last time i posted links, it did >.< oh well, whichever is fine

  4. Hey Ren hope your having a good time in china. I am pretty bad at chinese despite having taken it in highschool and despite currently taking it in college. But, I decided to look up panlong’s translation on a chinese dictionary and the panlong you used for coiling dragon seems to be the name of a district and not coiling dragon. Here is what the site said coiling dragon was 蟠龙. Is that maybe just the traditional character? Heres a link to the online dictionary. And of course thanks for all of your hard work!

    1. Hey, it’s a different character. Basically, 蟠龙 is indeed also a mythological type of Chinese creature that literally translates to ‘Coiling Dragon’. 盘 also means ‘coil’ and is also pronounced ‘Pan’; I suspect that IET intentionally chose to use this different character to ‘differentiate’ himself while still ‘borrowing’ the aura of the 蟠龙。

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