New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 62

Hey guys, here is your first (and probably only) chapter for today! Book 19, Chapter 62 – Who is Alive? Who is Dead? has been released! I’ll be heading onto a plane to Chengdu in a few hours, so I’ll probably be a bit quiet. Cheers! This chapter was sponsored by a group effort courtesy of: Xeni91, BQD of France, RK of Texas, CW of South Africa, TJ of Singapore, TN of North Carolina, CG of Alaska, Raxx, BP of Hungary, anonymous and SB of India. Thanks, friends!

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  1. Ren is there anyway to ask you a question about CD? I finished reading the whole thing and just have one question you could definitely help me out with but obviously won’t mention a single thing on here.

  2. Hello Ren, if you see this message. Can you please delete my comments on regarding spoilers on CD book 19 chapter 61… I’m just arrive at the site few days ago and didn’t knew about the rules so can you please delete that comment?

    Oh forgot to say my thanks. Thanks for the chapters….

  3. Hi Ren, Metazone here. You know I have been a supporter of this site and the authors here for a long time. I hate to have to tell you, but you have a serious problem.

    This site constantly high jacks my iPad browser, spamming me, and sending me to the app store every time I hit the next chapter button. As of today, my office web filtering is treating you as a malware site (not something I did). Your ad provider is destroying the wonderful reputation you have. I hope you resolve it soon.


    Feel free to delete this post once you read it.

    1. because unlike other class ups where u can either master laws or fuse to level up Sovereigns can only fuse with one of only 77 Sovereign Sparks and the only requirement is to be a highgod. paragons can not in any way evolve up to Sovereigns u either fuse with a spark or are stuck at paragon Level highgod so even a highgod with no laws fused can fuse to a Sovereign Spark and become a Sovereign

  4. does any 1 having problem on their mobile, where you go to read but then it direct you to ads?. I having problem with the ads redirecting to other site on most wuxia updated chapters.


    1. Yeah I get that a lot, what I do is just force stop the page loading after the text shows up. Sometimes I don’t stop it in time and it slows down my phone, starts popping up with random apps in the store, and other tabs. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the ads on this site because it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

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