New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 55

Hey guys, here is your second and final chapter for my Sunday, and the third regular chapter for this week!  Book 19, Chapter 55 – The Experts By the Banks of the Stellar River.  Enjoy the read!  You’ll have two more chapters, and then on the 22nd will be my monthly rest day, as usual!  Very close to the end of Book 19, and as always, IET likes to end his books with a bang!

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  1. Hey RWX, you know what would really really help? If you could put in the Coiling Dragon Index the name of the chapters instead of just “Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3” etc. kind of like in Desolate Era. I’m saying it would really help because if you are trying to look for a specific chapter is much more easy if you can see a list with all the chapter names instead of just trying to fish it among the 19 current books :S

    I can understand if it take too much work or time and you prefer to use that effort on other things but I felt that I had to say it to let you know 😉

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