New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 50

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of my today!  Book 19, Chapter 50 – A Terrifying Tenacity has been released!  This watershed chapter was sponsored by Wytchlord, Radio, and SB of India, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for them!

The hype train from now on is real, guys.  Enjoy the read!

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      1. I think s/he means in terms of the four elements of Linley’s mutation. Water (Azure Dragon), Earth (Black Tortoise), Fire (Vermillion Bird), and Wind (White Tiger) they correspond to the four divine beasts clan.

          1. @nickec2
            The fire essences did get mixed in even though that soul wasn’t present. Re-read the last few paragraphs of chapter 49.

            > But his body was now covered with all sorts of elemental essences. Earthen yellow earth essences, blazing red fire essences, faint green wind essences, azure-green water essences…a large amount of elemental essences of these four types were being attracted by Linley’s body, and they swirled around him.

            My two cents: It seems the original body/soul retains the ability to use laws it has understandings of but cannot use the essences themselves (therefore making the laws useless) as that requires the presence of the divine clone of that element. That is why his original body can be used to execute his elemental attacks without having to switch to that clone and store the original body. This would also partially explain why the laws only descend once to create a deity. Now that Linley is a mutated soul he may no longer be bound by those rules in addition to gaining the ability to fuse laws of other types.

            I’m rather curious if his fire clone’s speed will pick up the pace now. Linley has already been noticing similarities between all the law types for a great long time now and I assume he will have start fusing a few law types by the time the final battle arrives.

    1. Very doubtful. Beirut didn’t know who Linley was or care about him until he found out about Bebe being born and his relationship with Linley. Linley got the ring before Bebe was born.

  1. $;&(@&/7!

    Rwx, on the previous long “cliffhangery” preview u made, i was pizzed. I started to suspect that your cliffhanger skills are on the level of demigod.
    But this new preview has made me ticked off in some places in my emotions that i didnt know i had. Now i know ur cliffhanger skills are on god level… Lol
    It made me a guy who never leave comments on any page in internet, to setup an account, login here just to enable me to comment, to make sure u know how pizzed i was reading that.. (And my wife was complaining about me grinning while reading the previous chapter and then became pizzed in seconds)

    In addition to all of this, i just want to say i really enjoy reading novels here, and kudos to all of the translators here, this has got to be the best translation site ever.

    Keep up the good job man… And ease off on the cliffhangers…. 😡

  2. First time I ever suscribed in a website. But that CD is way too much. Thanks a lot to everyone. I can’t help but refresh once every 10 minutes to see if 51 is out !
    Perhaps someone knows when it will come out approximatively ? ^^

    1. No, Olivier still has his Light and Darkness Divine Clones even as a soul mutate. Actually, if I remember right, Olivier became a soul mutate as a Saint, so he gained his clones after the mutation without problems. From what I gathered, all the mutation does is making a more powerful soul comparable to a Paragon and allows the user to use different elements in the same attack (OP attack multiplier), but it doesn’t affect the existence of the clones. I think the only physical change is that Linley’s hair color will now reflect what clones he has in his main body (rainbow hair ftw)

      1. Yesh, not only linley can become a paragon by fusing all of wind skills, hes going to do multi elemental fusion skills… Its gonna take him thousands of years to get it right, but in the end, hes gonna be a badazz multi elemental azz kicking sovereign…. With bebe as his sidekick or antagonist…. Still not sure… Depends on what beirut is plotting here…

  3. Something just came to mind and I can’t help to think he’s become a true hero. What happens when you combine powers?

    Earth+Fire+Wind+Water+Heart= Captain Planet (Linley)

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