New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 49

Hey guys, here is my second chapter of the day! Book 19, Chapter 49 – The Line Between Life and Death has been released! This long-awaited chapter was sponsored by willuwontu, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for willuwontu! Thanks, willuwontu!

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    1. NOO! shut up 🙂 do not put strange idea in shattered RWX Souls! Ren original body soul is very sensible to lazyness attack! …….. AAARGH i know he begin to Mutate!!

    1. good point, i don’t think the clone will suddenly appear with him, but it is a bit odd, the fire clone’s soul wasn’t harmed…. maybe it’s just hax plot or soul fusion is somehow too profound and templates off the whole soul

      1. in which case, get some shitty demigod clone with weak affinity, somehow blag a soulstone off redbud sovereign, intentionally take a strong attack and hope for fusion, it’s not likely but pfft, low talented clone low talented schmone the payoff of soul fusion if pretty tempting

        1. It doesn’t seem it’s based off of all the souks but the original. Linley was just unlucky because he had 3 of his clones and they feel under that attack. If they mutation was based on having divine clones then olivier wouldn’t have undergone it.

          This probably means that the original body that stores all the understanding and probably traces of the ‘essence’ of the 4 lingers is required. The next reason can be because his soul is used to the laws and are trying to repair it using the natural energy or something like that.

          1. make since cause I believe oliver still had his clone but his sould was just mutated
            though to bad that his fire clone is still not a highgod

  1. Well this is confusing considering he got a soul attack that apparently hit all his souls since his main body is holding them all well connected to them all thats understandable but its weird linlys fire clone will survive since it should have been getting devoured as well.

    Its the same thing with bebe which is confusing me he constantly mentions having 2 bodys his clone which is what he always uses aka humen body and his rat body but he says if his clone dies so does his main body? Is there an exact reason for this? Cant he just seperate them like linly did?

    But yea going back to original confusion since linleys main body has connection to all his souls he got hit with a soul attack which explicatly said is devouring all of his souls shouldnt his fire clone be in a coma like state too as in dying not just hurt its really confusing also im still curiuse why he even chose to bring all his bodys considering he only needed to bring his main body and just use his elemental powers considering he can still use them even if there not near since they are him to begin with. So confusing x.x

    1. he cant use the powers of clones that are not with him his original body can use all laws at saint level unless the so he can use fire laws at the saint level but since his fire clone isn’t there he cant access its deity level fire essence for stronger attacks and for his wind he took that because he can use its speed with his earths gravity since there being used for different things they don’t conflict no idea why he took his water clone his original bodys dragonform has more defense then it can add

  2. wot do you not understand its caled soul mutate not core mutate all the souls are conected so they get connected even more that is why they get even more power when they mutate because he can utilize more power wit a firmer soul!! SRY For the bad English! 😀

    1. oh and hes souls are connected but they are separate to. so its like i can use the all other cores powers because of the souls but you cant hurt them all or kill them all because they are not one connected soul!

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