New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 48

Hey guys, here’s the first chapter of my day for CD!  How was the teaser?  Did you like the extra long teaser?  Yes, it took some extra effort, but I think it was a better place to stop the previous chapter on xD.  Book 19, Chapter 48 – The Death of Linley has been released!  Gasp!  Story over!  Time for the Excellent Adventures of Reisgem & Bebe, except for real, this time!

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  1. ; ^ ; if Linley dies, Bebe will rage and kill them.. but he didnt. (on the brink of it anyways). What will happen to Linley’s divine clones? Oh no.. if he loses them and loses all that progress and.. T^T stupid cliffhangers…..
    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    The long teaser is nice… but it took 1516 words out of 2258 words from chapter 48, which means the rest of the chapter only contain 742 words… -_-
    It’s too short to read.. I mean it feels like I finished it in the blink of an eye… LOL

  3. i assume this is how he becomes so overpowered later that other paragons can’t do shit to him… Soul mutate Paragon. Now i only wonder if he breaks the record to become a Earth, Wind and Destruction/Water Soul Mutate Paragon huehuehue i hope he gets revenge on Magnus.

  4. I would like to recommend to leave out the title on the frontpage when it has this kind of information. It actually contains spoiler information if you think about it. I am probably not the only one who waits for 5 or 10 chapters to read more in a row and accidentaly sees this title.. What do u guys think?

    1. I’d say this chapter’s title wasn’t quite a big spoiler because it’s obvious that an MC can’t die so easily, especially since he has so much plot armor… *cough* *cough*… I mean good luck. But yeah, titles can be left out or they can be put at the end of the chapter, if I recall correctly that’s what FBT or some other translator here did in the past.

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