New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 38

Hey guys, here is your second chapter for my today. Book 19, Chapter 38 – An Inch of Land, A Foot of Sky has been released! This was the third and final regular chapter for this week, and since the queue is cleared, that means…BREAK TIME! Wooooo! Just in time for the weekend, too! See you guys on Monday, hopefully! xD

I thought the whole ‘fill the queue when it is empty!’ madness was over already T.T

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    1. Well, i have never really seen RWX taking a break, apart from his monthly off, and some random breaks here and there. Reason? People keep donating, and the queue keeps updating before it gets updated here, i believe.

  1. haha no time to take a break Ren!! especially with the current plot!!

    Thanks so much for all the ones who donated! you all have done great justice to us all!

    Edit: GB of ohio! didnt know there was a fellow xianxia reader so close to me! Thanks for donating man!

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