New CD Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 22

Hi guys. Ugh, it looks like internet issues at night is going to be a ‘thing’ here; it was down again for me yesterday. Stupidly, I hadn’t downloaded the future chapters in Chinese, so I wasn’t able to get a head start on chapter 23. Thus, my yesterday ended up being a one chapter today. I just downloaded the next 20 chapters in Chinese though, so that won’t happen again!

Anyhow, here’s Book 19, Chapter 22 – Sixty Years in the Planar Battlefield. Enjoy the read! This will be a regular chapter, since I haven’t been able to update the queue yet and I saw some donations come in. Gotta go to work now. See you guys in about twelve hours!

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  1. hey it happens, we love you anyway just have a good day and its no problem if you upload the chapters in your mornings or update only a chapter now and then, it still remains one of the fastest translation speeds of any series so you can take a breather now and then if life does one of its naughty tricks =P

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