New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 8

Hey, here’s your chapter for the day!  Sorry it was late; it was around 1000 characters more than normal, so I didn’t budget time appropriately for it and had to finish it a bit later.  Think you’ll like it though!  Book 18, Chapter 8 – Marvelous Treasures has been released!  What marvelous treasures?  The title sounds weird given the previous chapter, right?  Well, read and find out!

This is a regular chapter which does NOT count against the queue.  Thanks!

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  1. I know I am being childish and getting riled up as the author wants me to, but I got to say I can’t wait to see Linley making Odin swallow his pride.

    I loved to see Reynolds made it to Demigod, I remember when I was wondering how far he would go on his own. Thanks Ren.

      1. Haha. He wouldn’t magically have more hours at his disposal. Infact, it’ll be a big deal if he can go back to doing 3 chapters a day. In any case, it’s not very ethical to take “donations” when you really arent doing what you’re supposed to. Plus I’m sure he doesn’t even need the money because hello, he has so much he’s keeping competitions and giving some of it away. 🙂

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