New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 7

Hey guys, here’s your chapter for today! Book 18, Chapter 7 – Parting Words has been released! As with all chapters until I leave to Vietnam, this one is a daily regular chapter that does NOT count against the queue!

I’ve gotten a hint of news; it seems my travel orders are waiting for a final signature. I won’t be able to leave this weekend like I hoped, but it seems as though we should be a lock for next week! Again, will keep you in the loop for when that happens. Thanks for your patience, all!

Lastly – How many of you are still getting redirects/popups on mobile, even after clearing your browser cache? I’m hearing from most people that the issue was resolved after I completely cleaned house on the mobile ad networks, but some people mentioned on twitter that they still had it. If you have any problems, can you let me know here, or at rwxwuxiaworld(a) with screenshots? Thanks so much!

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  1. Teaser’s comments are unlocked 😉
    Teaser’s previous button links to chapter 6 instead of 7
    And next button loops back to chapter 8. Guess you forgot to update it before you poofed

  2. no more problem on mobile for me 🙂

    before i was force to use the normal website even on my mobile since the mobile version would make reading impossible because of the popup for virus ^^ now nothing of that sort since 2-3 days a least i can read easily on mobile 🙂

  3. Thanks again, Ren!

    Also, I’d been getting alot of pop up ads or redirecting ads lately on my mobile. Im in Hawaii. I really appreciate it if you could fix this problem. Thanks, bro!

  4. im in nebraska and im getting some sorta safari contest giveaway ad that blocks the whole screen though when i put it into reader mode before it does that i just get shunted to the app store though i close out before it loads so i dont know what app it is heading too

  5. If you not personally walking that signature document it will take for ever. I had one time wated 1 month for final signature from a guy, found out he got it then forgot it and it got lost in he’s other papers.

  6. RWX , I was getting those annoying pop up adds and redirects but no longer. SO I can keep enjoying the work done by the translators at wuxiaworld even at work during my breaks!!!

  7. I haven’t experienced any disturbance in visiting Wuxiaworld on my phone, be it redirecting or pop ups, the only thing that doesn’t go well is that every time I visit Wuxiaworld is that it goes on a desktop mode rather than mobile mode so I have to manually put the ‘m.’ ( -> or every time I try to open a chapter or a news that revisits the site)

    it has been this way since the ddos thing back then
    just a small thing, can do without it, just trying to help xD … and I actually like mobile mode more xD

  8. Hi Ren, I am still getting the pop-up on mobile. Am from Malaysia. The ads are in Malay, whatsapp ad. I just can’t use mobile to read on WW. No problem on other sites.

  9. damn i just realize that mountain range of magical beast ” have tens of thousand kilometer ” means that it was as long as earth circumfrence also one continent in infernal realm is million kilometer square means that 7 continet + star mist sea is just as big as our solar system and metalic life form is move in the speed of light (it can go from one continent to another in just hunderd of years)

    damn if we have one we already colonize mars

  10. I’m continuing to get the adds on iPhone 5s with Safari. The behavior seems to be random. Doesn’t happen on all pages, and happens across all page types equally (main, new post, each book index and chapters) Sometimes it will redirect to a new page using the same page you’re trying to read, and you have to use the back button to hopefully get back to the page you want. Half the time this also opens an app store page. Sometimes a new browser tab will open, which always opens an app store page. Other times an app store page will open without any redirect or new tab. I haven’t noticed any pattern to the problem at all other than the majority seem to be about an app to download. I’ve cleared my cache twice since you made this post, and used normal and incognito mode with no change.
    I haven’t taken any screenshots yet, I’ll try and get some later if you still need them.

      1. It’s only a minor nuisance, trumped by the need to read MOAR! My vote is to work on this when you’re really bored and don’t want to translate more. Ads are annoying, but if they keep you in $$ and happy translating I’m sure we’re all willing to deal with it =D

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