New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 4

Hey guys, here’s a new chapter of CD! Sorry it was a bit late; had some appointments I had to keep. Anyhow, Book 18, Chapter 4 – Ironknife Gorge. This is a chapter some of you have been anticipating for ages. Why? What’s so special about Ironknife Gorge? Read and find out!! This was another regular chapter and as such does NOT count against the queue.

Until things get back to normal, as noted, I’ll be doing ONE regular chapter (not against the queue) every single day (ie 7 regular chapters a week) and no bonus chapters until I’m in Vietnam and settled in. The estimated ETA for a ‘return to normal schedule’ is August 9, assuming a week before my orders are updated and a week before I am settled in, but it could be sooner or later than that; I promise to keep you all in the loop.

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  1. The level of excitement I have right now for them going back to the yulan continent is over 9000!! And then I click “next chapter” hoping to see a teaser at least and nothing.. (Mind explodes all over the desk).

  2. Goddamnit! Ren we already have Flower trolling us with his infernal cliffhangers, now you fall to the same cursed level?! Jk love you Ren and your work xxx

  3. lol I agree with the others, way to tease us about the teaser xD

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    Don’t work too hard, we’ll be here either way cause you’re awesome like that!

  4. Hey Ren, it been a while since I actually comment on wuxia world because I didn’t feel the need of me thanking for translating the novel, but I change my mind when I see your post on reddit. But don’t expect me to thank for CD, SA, ATG, BTTH because I already currently or finish reading the novels, so I just read MGA and ISSTH.

    Anyway, I get to the main point of me wrote this comment. I wrote this because you a very good translator that introduce Xianxia to a lot of reader, inspire a lot of translator, and multiple other reason. So, I feel oblige to wrote this comment.

    I heard that you gonna move(?) to Vietnam. As a former Vietnamese, I know some of the danger you will face when move to Vietnam.

    Things you have to get use to: There is so much differences between US and Vietnam in term of society. The traffic in Vietnam is very chaotic, you will have to get use to that, you will see how chaotic it is when you get to Vietnamese, but expect it to be very disorderly. The second things you need to get use to is some of the unique and bizarre food of Vietnam, they very similar to Chinese food in some aspect. The last thing I think you need to get use to is the hot temperature, everyday is very hot, around 90 F or up if you live the southern part of Vietnam.

    Danger: I don’t known all of the dangers in the current Vietnam because I (im)migrated in 2009 to US. Beware of the food, from fresh vegetable sell by farmer to canned food sell in supermarket, they ALMOST ALWAY contain some form of danger preservative to insecticide use by farmer, even most of the farmer don’t dare to use their own vegetable or grain. Another major danger is China, to be more specific, China product. China sold/smuggle a lot of product that contain lot of toxicity, fake, and numerous other problem to Vietnam population.

    Also, forgot got to address this up there, but expect to alway swindle by shopkeeper because they think you an easy target. Also, I advise you against convert your money to Vietnamese currency in the bank, you should convert it in a jewlery shop. There a lot more danger and thing you need to get use to, but that all I known base on my knowledge. So, I hope you still be alive and kicking in the future. Hope you have the best of luck for whatever reason you need to move.

  5. Thankies but that cliff (n no preview)!

    Thousands of years have passed! What happened to the continent that Bluefire (what’s his name) raised?! Linley’s bros weren’t saints when he left, will they still be alive when he return?! So much and more, after the cliff!

  6. books has and will always be a big part of my life, and you will always have my deepest thanks for expanding my reading universe with the introduction of wuxiaworld.

    but with the latest cliff hanger… arrgg. seriously thinking of studying Chinese at this point just so i can read the raws. lol

    can’t wait for the next chapters.

    Thanks again. keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for the chapter! ^____^ woahh getting good, hope nothing bad happened in Yulan Continent while they were gone hehe, it would be great if Taylor, Sasha, and Wharton got busy and increased the Dragonblood Warrior population tenfold! haha ^w^

    and getting to the teaser… i felt like i got rejected by my crush after confessing my feelings… huhuhu T____T

  8. Thanks! I was wondering what’s about Lord Chiquita, strange calling from Necropolis and benefits coming from faith energy… are they only similar to amethyst’s soul strengthening? Or maybe strong faith is necessary to become Sovereign? And what about Bluefire? From what I remember he is on Asura level in fire and 7-star level in earth… I just cant wait! :3 Greetings from Poland Ren!

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