New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 3

Hey guys, here’s your chapter of the day! Book 18, Chapter 3 – Goals. Enjoy the read!

Until things get back to normal, as noted, I’ll be doing ONE regular chapter (not against the queue) every single day (ie 7 regular chapters a week) and no bonus chapters until I’m in Vietnam and settled in. The estimated ETA for a ‘return to normal schedule’ is August 9, assuming a week before my orders are updated and a week before I am settled in, but it could be sooner or later than that; I promise to keep you all in the loop.

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  1. Firstly Ren you are so awesome. I cannot explain how much your influence as a translator has had on other novels and therefore, me who is a light novel addict. I would love to become one myself but I dont know Chinese at all :(.
    Finally, if anybody is a fan of LMS; Enlightened End, who is currently translating it, is in an engineering contest with positive environmental repercussions and said that he would upload 2 chapters per week per 1000 likes of his groups facebook page. Its for a good cause, and we will be able to read more of a great story sooner.
    Just like this page here.

  2. Keep doing your thing you doing a great job, I hope you don’t get irritated by people like what happened with stellar transformation, there will always be people who will be negative………

  3. when I saw this tread
    I felt so bad that I didn’t take the time to make an account and say thank you to the translators for their hard work.
    I hope that you will enjoy your trip to vietnam 😀
    I dont know if you will read this but I just wanted to say that you are freaking awesome for translating so many chapters. You made me fall in love with Light Novels XD I am thinking all day about Light novels.

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