New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 25

Hey, I know most of you guys are sleeping right now, but this took more time than I thought. First full weekend in Vietnam, lots of stuff to do and buy. Will still try to get out two chapters today! Book 18, Chapter 25 – The Abyssal Fruit Appears has been released! If you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you for TH of Massachusetts, HH of Norway, and alxndrmdd, who sponsored the chapters. Thanks!

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  1. I’m getting really confused. Is RWX referring to HIS first chapter of the day as the second chapter for the majority readers’ benefit? Considering the Vietnam time he should be in bed by now.

    1. He has said previously that release hours will be weird especially since he is still jet lagged and settling in. Have to remember vietnam is 11hours ahead of EST so if we say he releases a chapter at noon his time then that is 1am for EST. However his “2nd chapter” of the day for him if we say releases around 7pm then for those of us in the EST time zone would be 8am. So depending on when you go to bed/wake up Ren’s 2nd released chapter of the day maybe the first one we read during our day.

        1. Dalushkava, I will continue to translate 2 chapters a day when possible, including today. Also please note that the donations went to the queue for other WW novels and not to me (I ‘mirror’ them); I have not personally accepted donations in many weeks now.

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