New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 21

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day! Book 18, Chapter 21 – Green Snakes has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by our generous frequent donor, HH of Norway, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a round of applause for HH! Thanks, HH! 🙂

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    1. no actually, mainly because Ren is a very trusted translator and, as well as, Why would I read a questionable one, when I can just wait for a HD one within 12-24 hours

      1. .3. what do you mean by questionable .3. are you saying that any one else other than Ren that translates cd is questionable? and whats being rude like that? I’m just being nice and saying if anyone wanted to see what happens .3. Ik that Ren is trustable and a nice translator but that doesn’t mean that mines just questionable with out you even seeing it its not like what i translated would give u a bug 😛

        1. What I mean is that ren has been translating this for so long, and so I, as a person, am use to his translation style and/or usage of words. Other people translating CD would be questionable because I do not know if you were to use his style/ word usage. It would be like someone besides Yoraikun were to translate something he would or has done. I would question the quality and automatically compare to the original (orignal would be yoraikun and ren) I do not mean to discourage you from doing that, it just I will compare and say that Ren and Yoraikun are the Hd verison while even one else, till my eyes see other wise, would be not as good, and in my opinion it close to poaching his translation. Yes I know you didn’t actually post a link to it, but it feels like you are trying to steal it by saying you have it done. I do not mean to offend and I am sorry if I had, but this is just my opinion on someone posting that they did the chapter on someone’s else blog when it going to be out within a few hours (6-12). Again sorry if I offend, it was not my intention. (man am I going to piss some people off after this)

          1. snowman if you want to see its in the forums .3. its just a wall of text for now since i was tired and i didnt want to edit it and now let me tell you that it took me 1-2 hours for me to translate that so yea its around 1300 words i guess

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