New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 14

Made it to Hanoi, now in my apartment, safe and sound. Wooo! The internet here is throttled to an incredibly slow, I-kid-you-not 0.20 Mb internet (something I’ll have to address tomorrow), but fortunately, it’s enough for me to post you what I did on the plane; Book 18, Chapter 14 – Sayant. Enjoy the read, friends! We’ll be going back to the regular schedule and sponsored chapters in just a few more days! 😀 For now, off to bed to overcome jetlag if I can. See y’all!

15 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 14” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. That is slow, but… I did grow up on 56kb internet so… yeah. Oh the memories. Having to turn off the internet so that people could use the phone.

    1. haha same when i started out I was on 14.4. Cable internet didn’t even show up around here till 2008.

      but glad you had a safe trip and thx for the chapter

  2. welcome to maybe i’ll seek you out if i ever went somewhere close by 😆

    p.s : at least you’re not blocked, or err, hasn’t faced any, yet.

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