RWX being stupid


Umm…guess I’ll have to do a double release later this afternoon? Ah damnit…

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  1. In all my years oi reading, I’m pretty damn sure youre the first one to ever translate the wrong chapter.
    10/10 do it again, post the final chapter for me.

          1. Yeah, with Manga Translation groups sometimes the contact gets so messed up the translators end up translating the wrong series.

          2. seriously? that’s some lack of control…

            i’ve seen scanlators post chapter in the wrong series. is like, yeah i was waiting for that chapter too, but… but!

            i’m so glad i was too busy with other things to experience not getting the right chapter.

  2. Damn it I was gonna shit but I thought It was worth it to read the chapters.I was straining to not shit in my pants but when I got to the new chapter I got a nasty surprise on the screen and in my pants.

  3. lol Ren you don’t gotta call yourself stupid. You have been a beast when it comes to translating CD for the past 1-2 months that I have been reading it. Keep up the good work man and we CD addicts will manage to get through our withdrawal symptoms for the day.

  4. Lol I’m so glad I work the graveyard shift, I woke up to find the double release AND I didn’t hav to go through the agony of waiting for it lol.

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