New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 64

Hey guys, here’s Book 17, Chapter 64 – Supremacy! This is a regular chapter that does NOT count against the queue.

Readers, my schedule just got whackier, if you can believe it. I was scheduled to fly out to Vietnam at 1 PM this Sunday, but due to some problems with something called my ‘travel orders’ (a few Americans will know what that refers to), my flight out has been delayed =,=. So there will be chapter(s?) this weekend after all, but I might leave suddenly on any day of next week, although hopefully with at least 24 hours notice. So, just giving you guys a heads up!

PS – How many of you guys are still having the problem on mobile after clearing the cache? Google DFP thinks it identified and addressed the problem, but if it’s still there, let me know and I’ll try again =,=

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  1. Whenever I’m on my mobile, it still redirects me to random sites, telling me I have viruses or leads me to ads. Sometimes it redirects me to the Google play store….

  2. That sucks.

    Though, ever since you and Yn5an3 fixed up some of the problems with the menus and stuff, I haven’t had any issues on mobile (on the main site, not the forums).

    Thanks so much for your hard work you two! Keep going at it!
    (btw, Ren, are there any other “officials” of WW that work behind the scene that deserve credit? I know MiPo works on stuff, but I wasn’t sure whether he/she was officially with WW or not. (or anyone else for that regard…))

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