New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 63

Hey guys, here’s the second to last chapter of book 17 of CD! As with the rest of the upcoming chapters during ‘move week’, this will be a regular chapter that doesn’t count against the queue. Book 17, Chapter 63 – A Turn of Events has been released. Enjoy!

PS – I know some of you have had some problems with mobile ad issues lately. I’ve mentioned this in the comments, but I think one of the ad networks has been hit by some malicious advertisements. I’ve made numerous complaints, and if not resolved in a day or two, I’ll be shutting down those networks entirely in a day or two until the issue is resolved =,=

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  1. Would be nice if it’s over after that. It disturbes my reading experience in the morning when I use my tablet … At the moment I “solved” it by stopping the loading of the page after the chapters text was loaded. That way the ad’s which need more time can’t be loaded so they don’t have a chance to bother me …

  2. Hey Ren, is it possible to setup a poll that asks us about how many of us has looked up CD spoilers? For example: none, some, read raws and ending. Don’t you think it would be fun to see how the % is?

  3. I’ve been doing the same thing for some time now, works like a charm. Sometimes I forget and my device gets too hot and the battery drains fast.
    This was an answer to Wytchlord about stopping the page load, don’t know why went to the wrong place.
    I was redirected 3 times while trying to answer and edit this :/

  4. easy use your pc to read though we still got problems to many ads :/ im using my high tech pc and even though im writing here´right now it takes almost 2 seconds before the text appears :/

    BTW its the ads with Video that creates this prob how about u use other ads :/ ??

  5. Glad to hear it. The redirects are driving me mad. I repeatedly get affected and worse still pressing back takes me back a page too far. Most the time it would happen again when that page loaded, to the point it sometimes sent me up to 5 chapters back. Seriously nearly threw my phone at the wall!

  6. This is why the playstore keeps opening? D: I factory reset my phone last night because I thought it was a virus. :'( I would’ve never expected the site lmao, I always keep tabs open XD

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