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  1. I read it thrice and made an account just to tell you I’m dieing here. I need Linley to destroy all the other branches that hold the Yulan Plane in contempt. Please! I’ll say it again, PUH-LEEZE!!

    1. Look, my parents, my friends, hell, my peers, have never put me through this kind of torture. I know they all look out for me, but this is taking it to the extreme. I know delayed gratification is important to one’s self-esteem and all that, but I can’t stand it. This is by far the most cruel and unusual punishment there is; Forcing someone to actually like something, and then denying them it when they need it most! OH MY GOD WTF-BOOM.

  2. I’m hoping at some point during this book Linley’s wife gains a power up somehow. Being a Highgod through a Divine Spark I know she can’t be as strong as a natural Highgod, but at this rate she’s going to just lag behind.

    Wonder how strong Linley will get when he finally becomes a Highgod?

    In any case, keep up the good work Ren, thanks for the chapter.

  3. You know, if the Baruch clan is THE weakest, smallest branch that’s sort of an achievement in itself. With so many various branches there is actually one that dares to call itself the weakest! Come at me bro.
    Lol thanks for the chapter :3

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