New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 55

Hey, here’s the second chapter of the day! Book 17, Chapter 55 – Beirut’s Craftiness has been released! This chapter was sponsored by our generous WW donors, anonymous donor, JY of Australia, JM of Florida, ghostflea, Tyler T, and VK of Finland! If you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for them!

Okay, I spent five miserable days on a bus. Back now though, so will be back to normal schedule. But wait – queue cleared. Break time! xD See ya next week?

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  1. I think you purposely say that because whenever it’s said it acts as a jinx.

    At least, I hope that’s how it works.

    Thank you for the chapter. *bow*

  2. We should have a counter for how many times you’ve cleared the queue… people would try to keep it as low as possible xD

    Thanks for the chapter! Glad to hear you’re off of the dreadful bus!

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