New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 46

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of the day – Book 17, Chapter 46 – Spare No One!  Enjoy the read!  This chapter was sponsored by anonymous, VP of France, and AB of Latvia, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for them!  Thanks guys!

Readers, queue cleared, whee!  However, three regular chapters for this week, so 47 will be coming out on schedule.

Now, quick note; I usually don’t comment on speculation, but there’s one thing that comes up time and time again; the Pearl of Life.  As a reminder, the Pearl of Life, in the very chapter where it was found, was stated to be useless to Deities, because Deities don’t have ‘flesh’ bodies, but ‘divine power’ bodies.  Yes, Linley’s ‘original body’ isn’t technically a Deity, but it was transformed on a fundamental level by a Sovereign’s blood essence (followed by Sovereign’s Might) to become comparable to a Highgod artifact in power; do you really think a piddly artifact meant for Saints is going to do anything to it, when even SOVEREIGN’S MIGHT, one of the most powerful, potent items in the universe, regenerated his body very slowly due to how powerful (and thus difficult to repair) it was?  C’moooon, guys…


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    1. Man, I remember that when Ren mentioned the queue being cleared, it would hit the thousand percent mark at 30 minutes max…

      Those were the good old days…

      Without guys running around stealing my profile pic ):

      I was the first guy with this pic >:D

  1. ‘was stated to be useless to Deities, because Deities don’t have ‘flesh’ bodies, but ‘divine power’ bodies.’

    I think the reason that it’s confusing is because back then when introducing Pearl of Life IET worded it in a way ‘it’s useless to Dieties because they can heal their bodies without it’s aid’ instead of ‘it’s incapable of healing bodies of Dieties’ ~~

    1. The Pearl of Life can heal Linley’s main body, it would just take weeks or even months to do what his Divine Energy does in minutes or hours. But if Linley was unconscious then the pearl would heal his body slowly over time until he woke up and had his Divine Energy finish healing him.

      1. See i can agree with this statement but not the others. The pearl of life would heal his body slower because his body has changed in structure dramatically but it is not a divine body in any sense otherwise he would no longer be able to continue to practice in new laws which is obviously not true since he automatically got a divine water clone. The only reason his mortal body would heal slower is because the cells structure changed and therefore it becomes much more complex for it to heal itself. This is probably also why the sovereigns might originally took some time to heal his broken body when it fused with the sovereigns blood. Changing the natural structure of something would naturally take more time than just healing ones body. Naturally since divine power can be used to achieve the same effects with the added control of the energy output it would be better than just the pearl of life. It really only has to do with differing energy levels. The pearl of life would be considered strong at the saint level but its energy output for deities isn’t too special and even more so to someone like linley who is, for lack of a better term, a mutation.

  2. OK i know this will be rude or maybe misinformed but how have you possible caught up with the 3 tsunamis of MGA chapters worth of donations I’m baffled and don’t understand how that is possible…

    1. Uh, it’s simple…the first ‘tsunami’ (June 27) was two weeks worth of donations, the second ‘tsunami’ (July 6) was also ten days worth of donations, while the latest ‘tsunami’ wasn’t from donations at all; there’s no MGA this week, he just did this week’s chapters in advance.

      Just watch every day, you’ll see 😉

  3. Never really understood how “regular chapters” work since in the two months I’ve been around there has never been a week I can recall with only 3 chapters lol. So if there was no donations at all would the three chapters be one monday, tuesday, wednesday or just whenever you complete them within the week? Obviously you have been insanely busy keeping up with the queue so not sure if this is something that has come up.

    1. Ren turns out 2-3 regular chapters a week. These chapters do not deduct any money from the queue and are turned out every week even if the queue is completely full. The reason why there’s never been a week with only regular chapters is because the donors always fill up the queue without fail every time it empties

        1. Nope. If the queue is somehow still empty, Ren will just do 3 chapters anytime of the week. It could be all on monday, 1 every few days, or on sunday instead

  4. I’m one of those butthole people than doesn’t believe the pearl of live to be totally inefficient but i’ll not say it’s the best thing in the world either.

    Well yeah the gap between a sovereign might and the pearl of life is like earth and heaven in term of quality. But you have at least to tell yourself something, the sovereign might is like an all-purpose item while the pearl sole purpose is to heal (and probably keep people alive … i mean i refuse to believe Fain was able to survive with only it’s head left and a fast regen as a Saint. Anybody should have died from the shock alone making Regen useless)

    The sovereign might would be like an end game “active” buff/skill/consumable, a life saver, etc While the pearl would be like a passif than you would get early. His effect compared to sovereign doesn’t amount to a lot but it’s always effective, always working. Unlike the sovereign might than is like a short burst of power (on the big bang lvl)

    Also the healing of the sovereign might was slowed down by the “vestige” left from those 2 attacks he suffered from 2 elders being doped to sovereign might.

    Those are all reason why Linley sovereign might was healing him slowy. It’s not an item with sole purpose is to heal, his sovereign might was battling/defending agaisnt the 2 vestiges of the others sovereign might and as said in the previous chapter or by Ren just above, the stronger the body the longer to heal.

    If we were in a RPG game, the sovereign might would be like an game breaking buff with something like +200% P.Atk, +200% P.Def, +200% M.Atk, +200% M.Def, +200% Speed (?), +200% Regen, Etc for few minutes … Actually few minutes may be actually longer than what it last. IET keep spammer us how expert battle are done fast, how in the blink of an eye this and how in the blink of an eye than.

    While the Pearl would be life a passif skill with maybe +20-50% regen.

    In short, i doesn’t believe the pearl to be better than the sovereign in term of healing power (and only healing power) but you aren’t gonna make me believe it’s useless/non-efficient/unnoticeable.

    Sorry for my english :s

    1. would agree with you. but didn’t someone say that he gave it to Wharton before leaving? if so, i guess that explains why he didn’t give it to Wade…

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