New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 45

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter of the day! Book 17, Chapter 45 – A Frantic Battle has been released! This chapter was once more sponsored by HH of Norway, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for HH’s generosity to WW authors. Thanks, HH!

So uh, I got some good news and some bad news. Good news is, it’s a new week, and we definitely have enough regular chapters and sponsored chapters to take you through the cliffhangers. The, uh, bad news is that Monday through Friday for this entire week, chapters will be coming out at a somewhat whackier time, because I’ll be on another business trip to Pittsburgh. That does include tomorrow, so the, uh, slightly cliffhangery ending to chapter 45…will take a bit longer to resolve than normal. Sorry xD

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    1. I doubt Delia will die. It simply does not feel like what IET would do. In Stellar Transformations, for instance, Lier remains alive till the end.

      Yeah, IMO, it would be interesting if Delia died and acted as a “catalyst” for Linley.

      1. Uh but Lier is beyond normal comprehension when it comes to power/family background. Her family wouldn’t let a hair on her head be harmed but the only one protecting Delia is Linley

    1. I’ve seen comments saying that Stellar Transformations (obv. also by IET) is connected to CD; Linley makes a cameo or something (probably spoiler-alert if you see why he comes out — not sure).

    2. Nope, no sequel! This is ‘kinda’ a prequel to Stellar Transformations, but you really won’t ‘get’ it until you fully read both novels!

          1. i really cant wait for both of the novel to be finished translating. Its so awesome both of them.

  1. Ren, just a quick question: “That does include yesterday” I was confused by this part. Can you rephrase what’s going on this week possibly? I understand that we’ll be seeing schedule-erratic releases M-F because you have a life 🙂 but I just didn’t get how ‘yesterday’ plays into it. Thanks!

  2. @RWX, I have to agree with some of the others. This was a cruel cliffhanger. I love you for it but it hurts. The “teaser” is the epitome of its name as well.

    ARGH. UGH. I need to take up meditation. Right now. Clear mind. Don’t think about cliffhanger.

    Thank you for the chapter. *bow*

  3. Yep RWX recent cliffhangers have defo been painful, and almost unbearable, but hey it what’s brings us back time and again! lol

    More importantly Thank you for your hard work and effort in translating so we can all enjoy! 😀

  4. @RWX thank you for the chapter.
    about the next chapter is there any chance it comes out in 5 hours or it will take more?
    sorry about the question but I often can’t sleep when I wait for a chapter and end up staying awake all night.

  5. its the next day around 7pm and still no new chapter. Day went by horribly but still patiently waiting for it. Cant wait for my mood to get little better with new chapters.

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