New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 30

Hey guys, here’s your first CD chapter of the day! Book 17, Chapter 30 – Surrounded and Attacked has been released! This chapter was sponsored by an ‘anonymous’ donor, so while I can’t name you, thank you very much!

Readers, your second chapter will be coming late today, as I’ll be catching a flight back from Canada this afternoon/tonight. See ya afterwards!

14 thoughts on “New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 30” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks as always for your hard work Ren.

    I was wondering what your time zone was at your home so I could better estimate your release times…

  2. Ren what kind of work do you do?

    Also it’s a bit ocd of me but in the donation bar in top right of all the pages the dollar sign is after the money amount but for USD the dollar sign should be before the money for example: $80

    1. To your question, I thought the same thing! I’ve been curious for almost a year now, ever since spcnet. Also, you’re correct with the dollar sign thing. I’ve noticed that for ages too, and have been a bit OCD about it, but only recently did I make an account because I really wanted more MGA. xD

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