New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 3

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day for CD! Book 17, Chapter 3 – Azure Dragon Clan has now been completed! Big thanks to our generous WW sponsors, Aziel K., AY of Vancouver, MM of North Dakota, Iedicarus and EG of New York, for sponsoring this chapter. Thanks, guys! And thank you, readers, for continuing to be awesome and patient and great in general!

Man, this has been a really tiring month for some reason. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s break, and for sharing tomorrow’s stats with y’all :D. See ya!

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    1. Same here, actually. I was thinking about it yesterday.
      Any chance you can answer my question above? I didn’t see a post about only doing two chapters on the weekends. I thought I read every Ren post… Unless it’s in one of the skyfire or issth posts… I don’t read those.

        1. Ah, k. I wonder how I missed it 🙁
          I’m not in the f5 army, but I still come to the site multiple times a day, lol. And with two other series here, I come quite a bit more often.

  1. Hi, thank you for the chapter.
    I’ve been raptly following for about the past 2 months.

    So 2 points I want to make. The second one is a bit of rambling so I hope you can take the time to read the first point, at least.

    the first point: where is O’Brien? Was he not supposed to follow Tarosse for 10 000 years? did the author forget him? And if insights comes from battle experience/seeing experts, then would it not have been easy for Beirut to spar/teach both Linley and Bebe, since he is a master in most elements?

    The 2nd point now:

    One the main thing I’m enjoying about coiling dragon, and xianxi translations in general, is the speed of release compared to say, for instance, Japanese translations or well-made fictions (the gam3 comes to mind).

    I don’t know if you (RWX, and the other translators) are actually chinese ? What I mean is i’m canadian, but an ABC (or CBC), meaning 3rd generation chinese. And what I’ve found on my one year study of Chinese language is that those guys are absolute crazy mad studying/working machines (ie : the amount of work was akin to what I had to do in my master degree to pass the CPA exam…)

    Anyways, long story short, I’m wondering if, in general, since it’s not just you but refers to the other Chinese translators as well, that dedication comes from Chinese heritage/culture?

    1. Hy wizardrivebise, O’Brien was mentioned quite a few times xD. Read more carefully!

      Of the six translators we have here, I believe that four of us are heritage speakers, while two (deathblade and Xiao Lai) are not.

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