New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 26

Hey guys, here is your first (and only? xD) chapter of the day! This is the third and final regular chapter for this week. Book 17, Chapter 26 – Spiritual Chaos has been released! Enjoy the read! As for me…no regular chapters, no queue. Break time! Just in time for the 4th of July weekend! You guys are the best xD

Darnit you guys T.T

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  1. As if this would be true, MGA queue alone would be enough to fill up CD for weeks, people are just too lazy to send you anything to ‘prove’ ~` Siiiiigh~~

    1. Actually, MGA queue has made up a majority of the CD queue to begin with. It’s been tracking pretty close, with one exception (Strauss, I think). I emailed Strauss, but he hasn’t responded.

        1. Come to the dark side, through the holy raws i have achieved enlightenment.. my buddy linley have almost reached the greatest power you can ever think of.. Making sovereigns cower in fright and share wine with me and the four supreme gods

      1. From what I understand if you don’t email him in regards to your donation being towards CD (since you can no longer donate directly for CD) then it doesn’t count towards CD only towards the one you donated to.

        If I am wrong on this then someone correct me

      1. Hah I got some Fallout New Vegas to play so hopefully will hold me over for a few days but I think I just saw the queue go from like $49 to $584 so if it isn’t a glitch then maybe there will be more chapters.

        Ren not sure if you will see this but for the donation “Raised so far: # $ (#%) ” graphic you have in the top right of the website the $ should go before the #. Hopefully that isn’t me being too much a stickler but figured doesn’t hurt to say. Granted this only applies to USD I think so not sure what the currency is in on the website.

  2. should prob do a post making the donations clear again, i know I’ve donated since then but had no idea, guessing its not just me that missed the last ones meaning

  3. Ren wut will u do now? There are a lot of patriots out here. They didnt care about their money to Do-sacrificefor-Nation while i am donut-ing here. 😀

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