New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 22

Hey guys, here’s your first CD chapter of the day!  This is a regular chapter that does NOT count against the queue!  Book 17, Chapter 22 – Comfort has been released!  Enjoy!

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  1. I tried to login again, again, and again in the chapter 22 page but its still the same, I cant login. Why is that??? Aarrrggghhh *punching a mosquito to a pulp*

    1. Can you tell us what was the process? Can you provide us with the following information?

      – How many times did you try to log in
      – Landing page after the login attemps. Was it the same page? Did the URL show any parameters? (The parameters start after a “?”, and are similar to “param1=x&param2=y”)
      – Platform used (computer or mobile, and SO)
      – Web browser with version ( Like Chromium 41.0)
      – Error messages shown, in case there was any.

      I don’t believe this was the problem, since you were able to log in after all, but cookies are required to be able to hold the information that proves to wordpress that you autenticated succesfully at a certain time. If this was any other piece of code that used sessions, I’d know where to check, because there are traces when an user is not able to get the PHP session back. But wordpress is stateless, there is no session, and no state, so the number of things that could have gone wrong is limited.

      And a general question. Did this happen to anyone else recently? Recently includes the last 7 days or so.

      Thank you.

      1. Its occured on chapter 22nd’s page only. me asked to login for comment and reply. I tried to login fo 4 times but still the same. Maybe its my networks error but i feel it isnt at the the same time.

        1. Ok. We’ve just tried to remove some expired session tokens that were still present in the database in order to get rid of the issue. That should, theoretically, solve any problems you could be experiencing in the site when trying to log in. There isn’t much more we can do at the moment, since there is no information in the server to diagnose the problem and we can not reproduce the behaviour you were experiencing.

          If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to comment again.

          See you!

  2. Thanks Ren! I was wondering, I haven’t seen you talk about this before – But do you plan to pick up Stellar Transformation after? I recently started reading it and i’m already almost on book 9! It’s really good and i’m hoping you will pick it up since it’s somewhat related to Coiling Dragon and from the same Author (And has already 11 novels completed)

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