New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 16

Hey guys, here’s a second chapter for today! Book 17, Chapter 16 – No Mercy! This chapter was sponsored by GM of Washington, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for GM! Thanks, GM!

One more chapter coming!

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          1. Humu, i think those are unique, are they not? People refresh 20-30 times, so we would have broken milion mark loooooooong ago if those counted. I myself can refresh like 400 times per day, lol.

          2. Nope, unique is ‘just’ around 90,000!

            Salad, you guys are in the distinct minority. The F5 army is actually less than 1% of the readership xD

          3. And yet that 1% takes it from 90,000 to 1,600,000. It’s just like the top 1% in real society!

  1. I am now a firm believer that those pictures are a bad thing. ;-; I laughed too loud out in public when I saw it.. /grumble (They are funny tho so heh.)

    1. In that situation, they should feel bad for not knowing what you are lauging about or having fun about, not you caring if they will look strangely or not ^.^ Duh, the sole fact that you laughed out loud indicated that you probably understand this xD

      PS: Yeah i am also staying up now waiting for MGA chapters xD Though will go to sleep soon if they don’t come soon 😛

  2. hey thx for chapter 🙂 when will be third released ?? cause im kinda sleepy and dunno to w8 or go sleep 😛 and one more question will there be any mga release today someone knows ?

  3. Linleys future move Space-Time Blackstone Prison?>> all profounds fused +Black Stone + Innate ability>> ( complete master of space and time)?? Since he already is the master in his BSP tech and his new found Innate ability is related to time its a real possibility right?

  4. Ren….. you are klling us slowly and painfuly… all the latest chapters end with a major clifhanger… this is TORTURE!

    on another hand… Thank you ! :3

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