New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 15

Hey guys, here’s your first of another three chapter day! Book 17, Chapter 15 – Life-And-Death Duel! This chapter was sponsored by dc, Mr. Lurker, freebiez2001, and lukaasm, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a round of applause to them for donating to WW!

PS – We hit an absolutely STUPID record of 1.6 million yesterday, which we most certainly won’t break for another few months…囧囧囧囧囧

PSS – I’m occasionally going to follow in ISSTH footsteps and post an appropriate picture in the ‘teaser’ chapter…which I did.

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    1. Strange, for me it translates ‘troubled’, and i think it makes more sense, maybe? Well, i went Chinese>polish, not Chinese>English, though 😛

      1. Heh, good to know that I’m not the only member of Polish Clan xD Please take care of me Elder 😉

        And thx Ren for awesome chapter as usual, was lurking for some time and decided today to register 😉
        Ren, the Mighty Sovereign ^^

  1. You know Ren, if you, FBT, Alyschu, Deathblade, and GGP all saved up for another tsunami, you could break the record quite easily. :3

    Ah, that would be the best day ever… but I don’t see it ever happening :'(

  2. Thanks for the chapter Ren you and grats on the record btw that troll pic at the teaser was great i laughed quite a bit =), had to make an account just to comment on that great pic for describing emmanuel lol

  3. Hi Ren, first of all thx 😀 Loved the pic on the teaser, now that you are going to start (occasionally) adding images to the teasers, will you start archiving the teasers or maybe keep the images at the bottom of the chapter or something? The Image was epic for this teaser, and I find it would be such a waste for that funny meme born from your inspiration to be lost once the actual chapter comes out..

  4. oh my god the picture you picked for the teaser of the next chapter is priceless! thanks for the chapter Ren and ty donators for your donations !

  5. Holy Sh~t! Nice what do you expect Ren? This is the Arc we’ve all been waiting ages for!
    For liney to show off his power to his clan members and shock them to awe!!~

  6. You know what’s cool about more translators coming in? Everyone’s learning something from each other…Even if it’s small things… Like picture on the preview from DeathBlade or previews in general from Ren (AtG and Flower never use to do it until they switched to over here). And unfortunately… Every else had unlocked their potential in the mysterious law of cliffhangers following flower’s joining… Haha. It’s quite wonderful.

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