New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 14

Wow, I forgot how tiring it was to do a third chapter. How the heck did I do this on workdays for so long T.T haha. Anyhow, here’s your third chapter of the day! Book 17, Chapter 14 – The Challenge is out! It’s, uh, kinda cliffhangery though…anyhow, this chapter was sponsored by a longtime, repeat donor dc, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you to dc for his donation to WW translators! Thanks, dc! 😀

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  1. Hi… I’m new. Been reading coiling dragon till the last chapters available.. Lol, it’s a good light novel. Enjoying it. Wkwkwk… I’ll donate as soon as i can figure out how, as appreciation. Mmm, not often dealing online is the cause.

    1. You can donate to the other translators on this site and then send ren like a screenshot of your donation to his email and yeah it’ll support the other author and add to the coiling dragon queue. There’s a paypal button on the top right on the site.

  2. Aah, lord Ren.. i need ur help in the art of translation.. i don´t get how many years this sentence means


    is it 10?1000? or 10 500?

    1. It literally translates as, ‘First train for ten days or half a month, then we’ll see.’ ‘ten days or half a month’, you can consider as just meaning ‘two weeks’.

      1. Ren is a God in the Laws of Internet. So far, he has managed to master the Profound Mysteries of Translation, Trolling, and Cliffhanger. Just wait, one day he shall become a Paragon, and all shall bow before him!

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