New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 11! 3 chapters/day this weekend!

Hey guys, two things! First of all, Book 17, Chapter 11 – Innate Divine Ability has been released! This chapter was sponsored by Maximilien, so if you enjoyed it, please join me in a big round of applause for Maximilien! Thanks, Maximilien!

I want to note a very meaningful milestone today; as of yesterday, we hit a new record for daily pageviews. WE BROKE A MILLION IN A DAY! That’s right, Wuxiaworld just hit 1,000,000 pageviews in a single day yesterday! Woooooow! As a result, although I’m honestly busy as hell with the big move coming up, in a small show of celebration, I will once more do a three chapter weekend this Saturday and Sunday, so as to commemorate with y’all this awesome little milestone! Viva la WW! 😀

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  1. Gods, I was on my pc and I heard my phone ping so I saw the email about the new chapter, and even then, I -still- wasn’t first…Incredible =P

  2. Guess you should mess up more?
    It probably also helps that these are the most highly anticipated chapters in the series probably after several entire volumes building up to this single point.

    1. Indeed! Maybe we’ll find out more once he decides to go back to what was “calling” him in the Necropolis back in the previous volume when he was there :O His lineage seems awesome so far! Especially since he took that sovereign’s might+the golden drop of blood before

      1. i Imagine that Golden Drop of blood was his ancestors blood with some of his power imbued into it which could have given linley the ability to fully awaken as a true Azure Dragon and that ring belonged to the Azure Dragon Ancestor who was one of the 4 sovereigns i imagine they died in the chaotic space close to the yulan plane where Beirut who was in that small little space at the bottom of linleys Castle that’s cut of from the rest of the world during the fight where when they were killed he probably sucked all there corpses and belongings to him with his ability which is how and hear me this is just a theory but Beirut used one of those sparks to make one of his clones a sovereign which is the one he claims to work for and the remaining three or less are at the final floor of the necropolis ofc he could have used 2 or 3 and have 3 sovereign clones but all this is theory and not fact as i have not read the raws

        1. Cool theory– for the gold drop of blood, it probably made linley’s body stronger but I also wonder now if he’s like Bebe where he’s a throwback or mutation and he can evolve into an azure dragon?

  3. Cliff hanger at the hand…Daaaaaaah!
    *Cough*. On another note, congratulations on 1 million views RWX. This is amazing, considering you created this website only 6 months ago. And it’s due to you (and your team) efforts and hard work. Congratulations.

    On another note, did you contact the original author and ask for the right/copyright to translate/sell the volumes in North America/Europe/elsewhere?

    1. He asked in the past with no response, but there’s really no need for it since he was only accepting donations and not actually selling the product!

      1. going by what i heard Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations made Him a millionaire i don’t think he cares more about the money then he does about racking in foreign fans and even if he does the more English fans it may be licensed one day which would in turn earn him more money be great if RWX could license it and sell official translations that would be awesome

    1. yer the time differance had me going for a second i was like yes a 3rd chapter Today!!!!!! ……W8 for ren its not saturday yet unlike me damn had me going for a sec Still ^ chapters in 2 days Thanxs Alot ren for all your work 😀 And thanks to all the donors

  4. I was too absorbed with reading that I forgot to comment.

    Now Linley has four divine clones….. wait, does that means he can’t get any other clone, considering his main body, the Azure Dragon body, already become a water deity?

    1. i imagine he split it like the rest it just wasent mentioned and does the baptism allow all his clones to dragon form now that he is a true divine beast? cause as i understand it the baptism awakens his dragon blood and cleanses the impure non Azure Dragon Blood/aka human blood which means hes no longer human in the slightest and wtf will happen to Wharton as he fused with a spark he can never become a water deity even if he gets the baptism

  5. Awesome!!! This is a great time for it with the way the story is going 🙂

    I’m at the beach right now, so I’ll be out all day and then I can come back to 3 chapters?! Man, you just made my day!

  6. luluvibrittania ur theory is interesting but i got a different theory im sure many others have thought of this but heres what i think so yulan plain the coiling dragon ring linly has belonged to sovereins of his clan i was plannin on givin ful detailed theory but on phone so to shorten it out i presume the necropolis of the gods was made by diff sovereins of the beast clans the 1 they entered was the 1 linlys ancestor had made and thats why he felt something calling him most likly his ancestor calling to 1 with its lineage (who knows may have left a divine clone alive a halogram or its soverien spark ud be amazed what twist could happen) most likly when the war happened that made beirut become high and mighty must be involved with the dissapearence of them most likly before they died they had beirut become the guardian of the necropolis and made him send people in to test them (mabey was ment only for divine beast members) and only the 1 who makes it to the top will be worthy of knowing the truth of what happened and mabey become there heir and get there soverein divine spark its just a theory though its possible that it was also only origonaly made as a trainimg ground for the beast clan to help cultivate them i dont know i just get the feeling its deeply rooted to divone beast clan and so is beirut why else would someone as powerful as him be told to stay there as a simple gatekeeper there has to be a bigger reason the him allowing others to enter is most likly just him bored to entertain himself watch others struggle but as i said just theorys of mine after all even beirut gets bored

    1. i still believe the necropolis was set up bye Beirut he and that he sucked there corpses into the yulan plane where there killer couldn’t follow and put all the sparks he didn’t use at the top and the thing that’s linley thinks is calling him is either his bloodline reacting to his ancestors corpse/spark or its the ring he is wearing reacting to the azure dragon that made it either way i think it was all Beirut behind the necropolis and that he is the sovereign hes claiming to work for but i could be wrong and u could be right

    2. That’s not really possible. One very glaring matter would be Yulan plane being a material plane, unlike the Infernal plane. If Beirut was a Sovereign, he wouldn’t be able to enter Yulan plane as the very action of it would cause it to collapse and that is a big no-no in the universe.

  7. Hey Ren can you send me the link for or the picture of your new background? And thank you very much for the chapter =) Looking forward to 3 Chap-Weekend

  8. Congrats on the one million 🙂 I kind of wish I discovered this sooner it looks like I missed out on the whole growing experience haha quick question though since unfortunately I can’t afford to donate if i keep the website open with will the adds keep on running and give you more money? (if I stay longer will that give you more money? or is it per page visit kind of thing?)

  9. lol thanks ren although iv been here for verry long time i just tend to leach dont really comment just seeing that guys theory got me motivated to write mine xD and great job with translations its become a habit of mine to check here every few mins/hours hopin wed get lucky with early releases jajaja

  10. I just want to ask, normally how many chapter/s do you release every day?
    Though I’ve already read BTTH, ST and CD, it’s just today that I decided to make an account. Apologies and Kudos!

  11. hahh… I had to go to sleep really early last night so I didn’t get to read this and now I get on and there will be three amazing chapters of CD a day, and MGA dumped nearly 30 chapters at once?!

    I’m going to enjoy thisss
    Thanks for the chapter, and thanks for your site Ren 🙂

  12. hmmm if linley becomes a paragon in all the elements, ahhhh what a badass mc also a soul mutate and a divine ability wtf is this type of person he completly took everything there is !!!!

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