New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 29

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter of the day, once more sponsored by HH, so please join me in a big thanks for HH!  Book 16, Chapter 29 – Unable to Leave! has been released!  Enjoy, guys!  See ya tomorrow, and have fun with the cliff-…ahem xD

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  1. I was going to read it as soon as it came out, but now that I know that there’s a cliffhanger I won’t 😛
    It’s not good for my heart, it certainly isn’t, I wouldn’t be able to sleep later xD.

  2. Is there any other Xianxia novels that is close to completion or is already completed?
    I refuse to believe these is not one that is.

    Currently I’m reading CD, BTTH, ST, MGA, ATG, ISSTH, Xian Ni, CCM (Close Combat Mage), SS (Swallowed Star), Mad God
    …Any other Immortal novels out there that is complete or similar to these?

    PS: I’m not interested in VRMMO

    1. The only completed one I know of that’s Chinese is “Step into the Past”, though I was reading too many things at the time and eventually had to give up reading through it in favour of picking up Coiling Dragon.

      It’s about a ladies man Chinese special force’s solider who gets sent back in time to the time of Emperor Qin in the 500 years war of China as part of a military experiment.

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