New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 24

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of the day, a regular chapter which does NOT count against the queue! Book 16, Chapter 24 – Life and Death, Two Paths has been released! Enjoy the read, gang, and thanks so much for your continued fanship and support :)!

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  1. well. the name calling will only work if people care, and Beirut can’t clean up their messes for them.

    as for the estimations they are pretty much assuming he is an asura with a sov’s might by now since they think even they are unable to detect his true power, they have overestimated his soul abilities and fell into the trap of fighting with material attacks xD

    as for do they think it’s worth it? yup, their clan seems to have the same issue as Linley’s did, but unlike Linley’s clan which was a branch with low power, this happened to their main branch, and to have your wife give birth to another’s kid in such a situation could be considered the ultimate humiliation. maybe they should have waited more than a year without allowing her near Ceasar to be sure?

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