New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 21

Hey guys, here is your second CD chapter of the day! Book 16, Chapter 21 – I Want Him Dead! has been released! Once again, this is a regular chapter that does NOT count against the queue (which is going to be changed up slightly in a good way in the next few days…watch for the news!) at all! This chapter is…well. Kinda cliffhangery xD. Enjoy!

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    1. Yeah, but the thing is, I actually NEED the extra few hours to take care of all the random stuff I’m doing. I’ll make a post about it when the time comes, but basically, I’m moving across the globe, from the US to Vietnam, so I have a LOT of things to do!

      1. Moving that far? O.o Planning on building a nice house on a good property and live a good life with a nice wife? *Snicker* At least that is what Yen pictured Vietnam to me. And yes, Yen is a Vietnamese name. He is a Welder here in Sweden.

  1. Ren i thin FB has been a bad influence on you, what a huge cliffhanger, in the edge of a cool battle, damn!!! Looking foward to tomorrow, btw thanks for the chapter !!

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