New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 13

Hey, here is your second chapter for the day!  Book 16, Chapter 13 – Unbindable has been released!  This chapter, and the chapters for the next two days, have all been sponsored by TL of California, so please join me in a big round of applause for TL.  Thanks so much, TL!

I’m going to be quiet for today, and possibly for tomorrow.  My toe is killing me after I went for a partial surgical toenail removal, and I was barely able to finish this chapter.  Here’s hoping I feel less miserable tomorrow and this throbbing, exquisite toe-agony stops by tomorrow T.T

See ya!

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  1. I had that done too. The weirdest feeling when he is butchering it yet you don’t feel a thing, haha. Oh and thx for the chapter, hope you get better.

  2. I hope you do feel better! Unfortunately…the second day is usually worse than the first…. but I believe that it will be different for you (i twisted my ankle this week and 2nd day was definitely the worst)!

    Good luck!

  3. You know what’s excellent for pain in the toes? A mega 4-chapter release tomorrow!!!!

    Just kidding, I broke my big toe once and it really hurt! Hope you get better soon! Take care and don’t push it!

  4. Had 2 quick questions for you Ren.

    1. Is it possible, now or at some point in the future, to add a list of all of IET’s works to the site, either in the FAQ or somewhere else. I was thinking the name in Chinese(characters), the romanized name, as well as the westernized name. Not looking for locations to find it, just trying to have a good stepping off point for knowing what all of his works are in the event I go looking.

    2. I notice several TL sites have credited you with advice on how to help set up their sites, especially, but not limited to, the previous/next chapter links and other features. And I was curious, how about setting up a text or video tutorial for those TL sites to reference. This way current and future TL sites will benefit from your wisdom without having to stop and ask you. Yes, this is part curiosity, part hope that many sites will model theirs after your more easily navigable and mobile friendly(I read on an older model Kindle with WiFi so mobile friendly pages are a must) site, and the majority is just jealousy of any of your time being taken away from TLing this and other novels.

    Just some thoughts.

    1. Hey,

      1) Sure, although he’s just one of literally thousands of authors, and his works are of varying quality,

      2) I’m terrible with videos xD. And it was different with each person. For some of them (like, I’m literally let them use an old server I paid for and actually helped them physically move out of For others, I just walked them through the ‘next page’ ‘previous page’ setup.

  5. Thanks Ren, and I feel your pain! Ingrown toenails are hell. I stopped clipping my big toe with nail clippers and cut them straight with scissors, I stopped getting them after that.

  6. I’ve removed a few ingrown toenails on my own (with the bloody lump of meat attached and puss coming out and everything) and besides it being sore I never thought it hurt that much. Then again I am a machocist so my veiws on pain are a little skewed.

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