New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 10

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of CD of the day! Book 16, Chapter 10 – Ganmontin has been released! This chapter was sponsored by a third anonymous donor, TY of Turkey, RC of the US, gundam_man, and DG of Iowa, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you to them! Thanks, guys!

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    1. Congrats, you got first on the page no one competes on lol

      (No I’m not saying this because I’m jealous or anything… BAKA, yes I know this is a Chinese translation site, just couldn’t help myself.)

      1. I believe it was updated to reflect the already posted sponsored chapters (See list of thanks).
        As such I decided I needed to be certain that I could get my daily fix, so consider chapter 11 and 12 sponsored.

        At any rate, it was awesome how chapter 10 was updated while I was reading 9. I waited for 10, but in the end I couldn’t take it and started reading 9 (I like to read more than one in a row) and thanks to the awesome speed of this I could. So yea, my donation is also very much a thank you.

        Btw: Have you considered setting up a Patreon account for this? Say you could have it set to each release would pay. And then when enough people have said they will pay 80 upon release, just release as you please? I for sure would be willing to throw some money after it (Say 2 dollars per person, per release or one, pending on the interest).

        1. I think Patreon is not possible because that would mean that he would get paid for translating a chapter. Here he just gets donations and gives as an additional chapter as thanks for the donation.

          1. Well, yea if it doesn’t go below no problem – its more an idea to prevent it, if it ever does.

  1. I love you guys !
    As soon as i have work again i will contribute.
    Thx for the Translation and thanks to all of the sponsors.
    You bring light in those gloomie days.

    1. Hey Pr0digy, thanks for registering and joining the community! Please don’t worry about donations if you are in any sort of economic hardship; I do very well and we have lots of supporters in general, so please don’t tax yourself!

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