New CD Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 1

Hey guys, here is your very first chapter in Book 16!  Can you believe it?  15 books down, 6 books to go!  Although these six books are REALLY long ones, so we aren’t in the home stretch yet, but we’re getting close!  Book 16, Chapter 1 – Black Stone has been released!  This is a regular chapter and as such does NOT count against the queue.

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    1. First off sorry for attaching this to the first post but I want to draw attention to it, Ren could you do another PSA about other sites? To increase awareness? Zeblin has started posting his work on swallowed star on
      Or inch of radiance on pikatranslations which is another IET novel just not a lot of chapters translated yet. just figured I’d post it here since I’d draw Awareness to it.

      1. The queue is the donation bar near the top right, which shows the amount of donations needed/passed for a chapter to release. Ren releases 2 chapters a week that does not require donations, hence does not count against the queue.

    1. The chapters in queue are the ones that are translated from donations. You can see in the upper right hand corner how much $ is in the queue. $80 = 1 bonus chapter pretty much.
      Regular chapters don’t count against this.

      1. so your saying that right now there is a total of about 2 extra chapters that can be translated this week due to the 150 dollars. well then I hope at least one more chapter comes out today I would even chip in to get one I think I paid 80 like yesterday or the day before but I love this story and really hate waiting but I know it takes a lot of time and effort to translate so all I can due is wait patiently and hope for more chapters and be thankful.

  1. Thanks for your hard work!

    Finally we’re going to go to Indigo Palace! (Okay, not yet, but it’s still an improvement. I want to see Linley meeting his clans and their disputes with the Reynales! 😀 )

    1. Indeed I can’t wait to see how he compares to his ancestors as well.

      Also kinda wonder if that’s what the author is waiting for for him to learn destruction?

    2. The Starmist Sea is the inner sea that lies between the 5 continents in the plane – and this book is named on that. I expect he’ll only reach Indigo Palace earliest in the final chapters, or maybe only in book 17 🙁


      If learning Destruction really needs massacre of lots of people, then it has to be after he reaches ancestral home and starts terrorizing Reinales clan 😀 Thankfully, Linley isn’t a bloodthirsty monster like some other MCs to pick on randoms just coz he has/wants power … so unless a few tribes/clans are dumb enough to anger him during the journey, there is limited chance to butcher people in the trip.

          1. Check the fourms. I belive its there if u can read or mt them just no spoilers here 🙂

          2. @RWX
            i’m looking at the post and i don’t see, any differences on my end, but no problem, i didn’t think mentioning when he reaches indigo would be a spoiler, and i was purposely non informative about the destruction matter to avoid spoiling.

            yes i’ve been reading the raws. if you use google search you will find at least a redit post that will link you to them.
            *not linking as i don’t know if links are banned*

    1. Meh I see your point…mmmm well idk zeblin has translated SS on spcnet for a while now n he moved off of it, since school is letting out.. idk, was just a thought I had. way back when Ren had this site built up and did a PSA for gravity, worldofwatermelons and blue sliver translations.. figured that I would bring attention to it and hope something might happen? But it might break there… oh well mm

      1. Hey, I’m actually friends with those guys! The site isn’t fully operational though; Zebulin and thunder actually kinda jumped the gun. So we’ll give them a bit more time, hehe.

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