New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 7

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day! Book 15, Chapter 7 – To Choose! This chapter was sponsored by KF of Alabama, WP of California, and AT of Pennsylvania, so if you enjoyed the chapters, please join me in a big round of applause to them. Thanks so much!

Guys, for a multitude of reasons, there will not be a third chapter today. Mostly due to the nap in the middle of the day, but also because I need to get up really early tomorrow to take care of a bunch of work-related stuff, so I can’t afford to go to bed super late. I’m very sorry guys!

Special note for RM of Delaware – you had sponsored chapter 8 with the expectation that it would be done today. Since I’m not going to be able to, if you would like for me to refund you your donation, please shoot me an email with the same email that you sent the Paypal donation from, and I’ll do it right away.

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    1. why don’t you actually try to translate a series at ren’s pace and see if you can keep up or not. i doubt you’ll probably start crying in a week saying it’s too hard and whatnot.

      i am not sure if you are a troll but if you mean what you said well… you are an ahole thru and thru

    2. Hi wuxiareader, please don’t create additional accounts. I would rather not resort to ipbanning; all I did was to prevent you from commenting inappropriately by forcing a manual check on your comments; I will approve all comments that are appropriate and not insulting to others, as several of the comments you tried to post were. Thanks.

          1. And I was talking about how he was banned in Bridging Stellar Transformations, too. Some people just got some nerve:(

            If you read this message by now – Go To Sleep!

    3. Why are you disappointed? He did offer to refund the donation plus, knowing Ren, he’s probably gonna make it up to us by doing a 3 day chapter some other days sooner or later :/ Be positive mate, dont let a small set back ruin your mood !! ^_^

  1. Thanks Ren. No Probs. I was actually relieved when you posted late. You are so regular I was hoping nothing was wrong. I was thinking “Oh, sleep, okay. Wheew!”

  2. Just a suggestion, maybe you could do 3 chapters on your Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday.

    I think it’s more reasonable.

    Since Saturday is a weekend (I don’t know if you have work or not on Saturday), you can afford to stay up late on Friday night to do the third chapter and wake up later on Saturday morning.

    And Monday is a work day so it’s best to sleep early on Sunday.

    1. I think that suggestion makes sense if you’re thinking about how he’d need to get up for work on Monday, but it makes less sense if you think about how much time he actually would have to get the chapter done on Friday because of work and stuff throughout the rest of the day. Ren used to do three chapters a day, everyday, but then brought it down to two because on work days it was burning him out and every second seemed to be translating.

      1. I think i agree to the Friday Saturday releases because he’d get more rest on a sunday. Like you said he’d have to put more work into a friday release but he’ll be able to take it more easy on Sunday, maybe put one for the daytime release then skip the mid-day release for some time to get an enjoyable lunch with friends, and finish with a not too late evening release before having an early sleep for work in the morning ^-^

  3. Thanks for the chapter! So what if there aren’t three? I’m inspired to use the time I would have spent reading the third chapter to actually do my goddamn laundry!

  4. I think if I hit F5 enough, a new chapter will appear even if Ren is asleep…

    *Crosses fingers*

    Seriously though, thanks for the update! Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax, so even one chapter would have been more than enough 🙂

    1. skullboysz, it is 1-2, based on how I feel. Sometimes 1, sometimes 2, and a few times 3 or 4. I’ve always done at least 1. Please check the FAQ. Many people seem to want to automatically ‘upgrade’ the 1-2 to 2, lol.

  5. I can’t honestly comprehend why people feel entitled to something they didn’t pay for.
    Thanks Ren and thank you donors for making my days brighter.

  6. Now that you mention it… LOL I never noticed that weekends would get 3 posts a day….

    Well I feel dumb….

    Anyways, power naps are evil lel, I know their power all too well, screwed with me and a few school projects back in the day.

    Anyways thanks for doing what you do and good luck with whatever work things you got on your plate.

    1. WELL !! I didnt noticed he wasnt gonna release a third chapter today, i woke up just before the normal release schedule, so i got on my computer for about an hour F5ing until i got bored and started read through the posts… *pout*

  7. Hey don’t refund the money. I donated since I read all of CD in a week and really enjoyed the work. I didn’t really care about the sponsered chapter as much. I just wanted to support the cause to translate. ?

    Proof: ####[email protected]


    Ps thank you for all the hard work and consideration to ur readers.

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