New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 6

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the day!  Book 15, Chapter 6 – The Ancient Castle of Sand is released!  Sorry this came late; as I explained earlier, I took a ‘powernap’ that lasted a few hours longer than I anticipated T.T  Anyhow, this chapter was sponsored by BH of Alberta, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big thank you to BH!  Thanks, BH!

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  1. 🙂 For me it’s time to sleep now, heh ^.^ I guess i will have 1 more chapter to read when i wake up, yay ^.^ Take it easy Ren, you got work tommorow 😛

  2. did you know if you train you can lower the time you need to sleep to 3h a day and the best is to sleep roughly 20 mins every 2-3 hours hardcore player of games do that also naps are great but they ruin your sleep pattern also thank you very much for the chapters so far and for future chapters this is a great novel and i am enjoying it so much i debate with myself to ether read it every time there is a chapter release or to wait till the volume is done …. the chapter always wins

    1. i know right! every time i finish a chapter i say “thegreenspoon, your not going on wuxiaworld for at least a week. that way you can read multiple chapters and not suffer IET constant cliffhangers”. but without fail, two hours later im checking in to see if there’s a new chapter even if i know ren isn’t translating another one till the next day

      Thanks ren for all your hard work with this novel. I binged all of coiling dragon in 3 days when university was still in session back in march. Then i read all of Stellar Transformations a few days after that.

      Just wanted to post and guarantee my constant thanks even though i wont comment every chapter. Without you CD would just end up as another good story stuck on my ever growing list of stories that i think are great that translators abandon. Thanks a ton!

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