New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 42

Hey guys, here it is, your final chapter in book 15! Book 15, Chapter 42 – 108 has been released! Sorry this came a bit late – the last chapter of a book is usually a bit longer than the other chapters! This chapter was sponsored by JC of California, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for JC! Thanks, JC!

Now, get ready for Book 16 – The Starmist Sea!

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  1. I am really starting to like IET more and more, we just seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to this “power of the world” stuff in CD :3

    It’s rather reassuring since it means I can (for now) continue to make assumptions and logical reasonings and use them to answer questions and suggest idea’s to people, and even out argue idea’s made from lack of consideration or limited scope nyehehe.

  2. The last two chapters were great! I take back my original assumption that Chapter 40 was a “filler” chapter. I like how the author set up Linley’s growth with the fusing of the three Profound Truths of Earth and the 108 pattern. Very cool!

  3. Thanks for the chapter:D!!!
    EPICCCC!!! dont know where to start.. But basically he has the foundation for the fusion of 4 insights now:D
    (Gravity + Throb + Wrl.Walk + Essence of E.) cant wait for the new book to start:D:P.. any theories about the black stone guys??>> Souvereign artfct. perhaps?? And he bassically got the foundation for an OP as fck tech now:P

  4. I must say that I am somewhat perplexed by the way Linley addressed his training in this last arc. From what I understood, Beirut told him that deities that advanced quickly should be pitied, and that he himself, because of ignorance, didn’t take the slow but “true” path of practice of fusing misteries first and then training them. Linley himself appeared impressed by Bluefire and chose to stay a demigod in order to fuse the Throbbing Pulse and the Essence of the Earth, and I got the idea that he would try to approach his training in this way, because he was warned by Beirut that otherwise he would waste his change to become a Paragon (I presume that given the fact that Beirut actually gave him the advice, he should have a shot at that).

    All good, except that then I see him actually mastering profound misteries without even attempting to fuse them (unless he had explicit insights). I could get this with the fire clone, since he is less talented in that, but he is most proficient at Earth and Wind (and even has a peculiar “emotional” connection with Earth, so he should be aiming to master it to the hightest degree). This is not because he cannot “go in search” of an insight, as he has shown in this chapter.

    The author presented us with the following facts: 1) the Essence of the Earth and Worldwalking misteries are very connected, 2) the essence of the earth and the gravitational mistery are connected (I actually got the feeling that it was to a lesser degree than with the worldwalking ability, and the latter is supposed to be an “easy” mistery, more like the essence of the earth than like the gravitational field), and exploiting these common aspects he was able to fuse the three of them together.

    Then, the question becomes, at least for me… why didn’t he fuse worldwalking with essence of the earth the same way he fused gravitational field? Being an “easy mistery”, it should have been even less difficult to do, completely within his capabilities, instead he mastered that mistery on its own, which doesn’t make any sense, in light of the fact that he intentionally delayed becoming a deity by fusing it with the Throbbing Pulse. I don’t know if I am missing something, but to me this doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever.

    1. ermannomoser,

      I completely agree! It’s starting to become more apparent that all mysteries can fuse with the basic “Essence of . I found it baffling as well that the MC didn’t try to fuse Worldwalking with the “Essence of Earth”, as the two are obviously related. Worldwalking requires the user to merge with the Earth! I think the MC will find it fairly easy to merge later, even though he has mastered Worldwalking already. I would think that it would have been an easy thing for him to do. I was very annoyed with Chapter 40 because of his non-fusing of Worldwalking. Hopefully the author will explain why in the future.

    2. What I understand about this fusion process is there is nothing wrong with mastering a law before fusing it – only that this process takes much longer than fusing laws while mastering them. So Delia could attempt to fuse the divine laws she has learnt and mastered through absorbing a spark, but it will take her a very, very long time to do so.

      So, Linley mastering Gravitational Space or Worldwalking before fusing them with Essence of the Earth and Throbbing Pulse of the World will not impact his rise to Paragon status except perhaps delay it slightly. However, his soul is so strong now due to having absorbed so many amethysts his calculation/understanding speed has greatly increased so the difference between the methods is perhaps not so great in his case.

      1. Duck of Death,

        That’s true. With his high soul strength, he’ll likely make progress very rapidly. Also, I remember him saying earlier that training speed improves once he realizes how similar each of the Profound Truths are to each other. It could be that his insight into the similarities of the three fused truths, combined with his high soul strength, could allow him to rapidly fuse Worldwalking with the other three.

        I do wonder also how powerful his earth armor is now as well. And what the effect of his new insights on the Profound Truths will have in helping him strengthen the patch or repair the Coiling Dragon Ring’s soul shield. I have a feeling that his future battles will be significantly more epic!

      2. Exactly!! Thats the whole thing! CD-ring refine MACHINE!! He got a god sent ring which can refine those things to the maximum!! Even those rich MOFOs cant afford buying so many amethysts. Even if they did they would only get 10pct each of the contained souls, AND they would waste a shit loud of time per amethyst! If they were to buy Golden Pearls on another. That would just increase the usage of money signifecantly. The time to consume would be reduced, but still time consuming. While Linley on another hand, would be able to instantly absorb them(i guess? at least at a much shorter time). Aka faster visualization ability + stronger soul.

        But anyway Linley not being able to solve the easiest problems makes me crazy -.- Btw how come no1 else have thought about fusing the P.M with the essence of “element”, to make fusion easier? Guess its just a MC thing then.

  5. Awesome loved the chapter thanks for the translation and to those that donated for yall rock… just curious would there by chance be another chapter release today I don’t know what the norm is for this site for this story but I am looking forward to the next book I so cant wait!

  6. Wow… jeez so he didn’t fuse worldwalking, JC (who is the donator and obviously Jesus Christ, nice to know heaven has wifi) i mean why does it matter so much, is faster walking that much better people he’s still trapped, besides fusing world walking would have taken at least a few decades, not to mention Linely wanted to get out of there asap so it obviously makes sense he would instead focus on finding where he could go first.

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