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Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the day!  Book 15, Chapter 40 – Life in the Amethyst Mountains has been released!  This chapter was sponsored by our generous donors, BO of British Colombia, TY of Massachusetts and SK of Dubai, so please join me in a big round of applause for them.  Thanks so much!  🙂

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  1. Haha i thought something special happened because of the exclamation mark^^ Thanks a lot for the chapter Ren and BO of British Colombia, TY of Massachusetts and SK of Dubai for donating and making this possible.

  2. Thanks again! Ugh…this is the first chapter I’ve read that feels like a “filler” chapter. So, Linley is in an area with insane gravitational force that even pulls on their souls…but doesn’t think that maybe this is a great place to fuse the Profound Truth of Gravitational Force with the already soul-influencing fusion of Throbbing Pulse of the Earth and Essence of Earth??? Also, that he doesn’t think to focus on fusing the Profound Truth of the Void with his current Laws of Wind, given the insights he should have had from watching the giant spatial distorting suction force that killed Jenkins?? I’m hoping the MC figures that out after this current filler chapter. Sorry for my rant, but this chapter makes me feel great disappointment for the MC.

    1. really? I think you are just overly reading into the immediate importance of the amethyst mountains.

      you don’t get an insight just from seeing it before your eye’s, geniuses get insights at a more frequent rate than others, and that’s often related to their natural affinity. For Linley that happens to be in earth more often than wind, but he got quite a few insights into wind back on the escort mission.

      sure the amethyst mountain has a freaky boundary set-up, but that doesn’t make it an obvious fusion of aspects (as if it were all under the manipulation of 1 superbeing type guy) nor an obvious hint at fusing them.

      If anything he has his priorities straight, his wind clone has been consistently training on the same mysteries and trying to fuse them the whole time, which is worth much more than hopping to another mystery he may have no understanding of (regardless of how powerful it may be). as for his earth clone, the worldwalking is a lifesaving technique and he is making some progress into gravitational space thanks to the strong gravity where they are stuck. as for the thing that killed the poor guy, how do you even start to ponder on and reason out a hole that has such sucking, resting and pushing periods of activity that spontaneously powers up on the fogwave day?

      1. What?? Could you try to make a little more sense? “Overly reading int o the immediate importance of the amethyst mountains”? Really? Seriously, Linley has been exploring a new Profound Truth of an element, and then “Boom!”, he encounters something that allows him to break through. His current situation in the Amethyst Mountains is essentially the same set up as ALL OF HIS BREAKTHROUGHS. Feel free to ineffectively describe how his prior breakthroughs were different.

        If the author wasn’t clearly setting the MC up to complete these breakthroughs by being in the Amethyst Mountains, please read his (the author’s) mind and tell me the truth.

        Your bringing up the wind clone brings up another issue…why isn’t the MC trying to focus on fusing all of the Laws of Wind together? Why is he fusing only Sound and Music together, yet ignoring that Fast and Slow were already fused? Why not fuse then together with Fast and Slow? The author is clearly setting it up that ALL THINGS CAN BE FUSED.

        Ultimately, the author is adding filler at this moment to prevent the MC from becoming a Highgod. I challenge you to provide evidence to the contrary.

          1. Zephym, care to add anything meaningful to the conversation? Or are you just going to complain?

          2. fine, since I need to be blunt about it here is an equivalent example -.-

            I have a hand, and I know how to slap with it and I know how you are likely to dodge. doesn’t mean that I can automatically make that slap hit you every time I want it to.

            now being serious, the complaint of “why fuse this and that, instead of all of the above” is the same as asking a person to pat their stomach clockwise with one hand, slap their head anticlockwise with their other hand all while sitting on a unicycle, keeping your balance as you go up and down ramps. for some people just the first 2 things are difficult, add in the next 2 and suddenly you have very few who can do it.

            focus requires doing few things at the same time in order to speed up results, he can gain insights into fusing music and soundwaves separately as well as faster progress in fusing them together, once he completes the fusion he just needs to master it completely. the whole idea is that 1+1 doesn’t equal 2.
            focusing half on 1 thing and half on another doesn’t just double the training time.

            which means the fastest choice in getting stronger is to not spread himself thin.

            yes he has had breakthroughs, but those strokes of insights are specific, he understands what connects them together, not all breakthroughs are the same. getting breakthroughs into a mystery is not the same as getting breakthroughs in how to fuse them. looking through a window doesn’t tell you how to make glass.

            the proof is the fact majority of high gods don’t have any fused mysteries or at best have a single one. Delia gave an example argument for the fast and slow aspects being 2 paths headed in opposite directions and how trying to fuse them was like trying to make both paths reach the same destination, easier when little distance from the start, much harder the further you go.

            as for stopping the MC from becoming high god, he will get there when it is time to get there, Linley only knows the names to all of the mysteries of earth, not how they actually work. reading a brief description in a book didn’t help at all in practicing world walking or gravitational space, it did however, give him a starting point since he didn’t even know the names to all of the mysteries of the laws until that point. If the author was really trying to slow down his progress to high god he could have simply never added that in, then Linley would have to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to get started on his next mystery >.>

            all things CAN be fused. however the existence of paragons are much rarer than you seem to want to accept. 100 million deities got dragged into that fogwave event, and now only 10% of them live. most were gods or demigods who spent thousands of years to reach their current power, yet 90% of deities did so by fusing with sparks and thus roughly 90% of deities are unlikely to have even fused 2 mysteries together. Linley has fused 2 mysteries in earth and in wind, which already puts him above nearly all normal gods. when he gets sound in wind he only gets stronger and higher in the ranks.

            Linley is how old? and you are complaining that the author is “slowing his progress down” Every IET novel I read he has actually been speeding it up >.> a lot.

        1. I’m complaining? LOL. You’ve written like 3 essays on why you don’t like how the author uses fillers. Please.
          If you dislike fillers so much, go write your own story without them and see how it goes.

          1. lol zeph. fillers – bits of a story you can remove without influencing the grand scheme of the story.

            I don’t think I have seen that many fillers from IET? just a damn lotta cliffhangers 🙁

            there are the times when things finally quiet down and we some world building in aspects other than combat, but you can’t call them fillers either since they contribute.

            this isn’t naruto or bleach or onepiece after all 😛

      2. There’s no reply button for your most recent comment, so I’ll just place my reply here..
        What? This story has a huge amount of fillers – which is a good thing. If there weren’t fillers, all you would be seeing would be constant level ups, which is the ‘grand scheme of the story’. Now, the reason the author doesn’t go down the route of doing so, is simply because that would be incredibly boring and bland. I don’t believe ‘fillers’ are not relevant to the story.
        Let’s take the character Alice for example. The whole thing surrounding her and Linley does seem incredibly pointless and a waste of chapters, but it had the effect of cutting off Linley’s emotions, and driving him forward. A filler driving the story forward? What? That’s odd.
        I realize I am being slightly hypocritical when comparing this comment to the first one I made, but eh. Yes, I just wasted my time arguing about something that ultimately does not matter.. Peace.

        1. hahaha lol, no problem xD the problem is whether part of a chapter is filler or if the whole thing is.

          remember the chapter where Linley and Bebe are in the restaurant and then shit starts happening? that reeked of filler at the time, the problem is that the story follows up in the next few chapters and that leads to Linley meeting Leylin and being able to train to break through his bottleneck in the throbbing pulse.

          the still complete filler part is that we learned the name of the magus girl who practically runs the place for her father, but we will likely never see her again xD so that chapter itself was filler but the ones after it wasn’t. same for the part where we hear of Alice arriving in the Baruch empire capital, but nothing ever expands on it because he just doesn’t care and they go off doing their own thing.

          we can say that chapters, where only peaceful things happen, like family get together’s, Linley and Delia chat and cuddle or travel with Bebe, are fillers, but they don’t happen very frequently since something just always has to go wrong or become incredibly exciting xD

          (as for the reply thing, the comments can only be nested so far so most of us just hit to reply at the top of the pile to add a new comment to the bottom ;P )

  3. Thanks for the chapter !!

    So Linley still isnt a High God officially?? , and not fusing directly basically means he isnt able to in the future (if we have to believe Beirut that is). Mayb its a bit early but if we assume that Linley will ever become a Paragon it probably will be with his wind elment right? Next chapter probably using his trumph card>> Sovereign drops??? Hope he doesnt lose a clone that would be a real dissapointment.. damn cant wait for the next chap.

    1. JiRoU-Gino, I was wondering the same. Why not fuse the World Walker ability with the other Laws of Earth?? I really don’t understand where the author is going with this. I can only assume that he didn’t have Linley fuse any laws because he doesn’t want Linley to be a Highgod yet.

      1. Fusion is extremely hard. He basically has no idea how to fuse, and he doesn’t want to stop training for an unknown number of years until he figures it out.

        1. I thought it was implied that worldwalker was fused? Since he keeps saying its closely related to the essence of the earth, which he’s already fused with the throbbing pulse of the world.

          Also three chapter day to finish of Book 15 today Ren :P?

        2. @ RWX…Yeah Beirut told Linley in the past, but he also told him to try to fuse directly otherwise it might become impossible in the future right? or is it still possible to fuse this technique later on?? ( higher difficulty??)

          1. Beirut didn’t say impossible. he said impossibly hard implying the time necessary to train in the fusion normally would be an insane period of time within normal reason.

            The advice is to fuse them before mastery to make it easier to fuse, and to focus on fusing his mysteries instead of trying to master them all and rushing to high god as a weakling.

            I believe his throbbing pulse was 1 step short of mastery when he started doing training in essence and fusing them together, making it easier for him to understand how to master the throbbing pulse.

            as for worldwalking, in itself it is a powerful life saving technique, but is there any clearly visible connection between such a mystery and what he already has weaponized? if you can’t see a way to fuse them early on, is there a point to halting your training in the life saving technique until you eventually can? it’s just too important that he stays alive before worrying over becoming a paragon as soon as possible.

            he can still fuse the mystery later on, maybe with another mystery that shares more similarities, and maybe the resulting fusion becomes something he is capable of fusing to his current attack.

      2. Yeah I had the same thoughts, but if they didnt want him to become a High God (what in my opinion is necessary, since they were pretty Lucky so far storywise.. and also the MC’s cant keep spamming their Trumph cards), Then why not let him learn a technique with his new clone?? or let him become a god in the fire element instead?? “contradicting right??”

        Since the whole topic is gravity related I was sure that he would either learn this technique and fuse it to have a possibility to escape this place, since merely learning it without fusion isnt enough to escape! Or another option is >> that the MC would become a master at using and fusing the insights on gravity, so im kinda dissapointed.. And becoming a High God at this point of the story isnt even considered OP since there are tons of characters far above Linley and Bebe at this realm. So from that point of view isnt it time to start a storyline in which Linley and co. finally getting a little foothold/ Status within this realm?? ..even if this only for a short while?? (Like another insight fusion or becoming a High God in one of his elements?)..

        But learning this techn and not fusing it seems like a contradiction to me.. especially if you want to let the MC become a paragon..unless it is done intentionally and there will be a switch to his wind element later on (>>> the whole Bloodviolet storyline and that legendary figure is bound to be explained, and mayb they want the MC to overpower the original owner..that is the only reason i can come up with to put his WIND element above his earth element in the future)

        at this point Linley can only lose a clone or use his Sovereign Drops since i doubt this enemy wil let him go otherwise. What are your thoughts on the upcoming chapters @Djinn??

        1. personally… if IET forced one of Linley’s clones to prematurely reach high god just for the sake of it I would probably quit reading this series altogether because it would turn into a joke after that point.

          the fact is while their group needed a high god fiend (Delia fusing the spark) to scare off the annoying bandits when traveling, Linley has no immediate need of a high god clone. If anything in the amethyst mountains when the beasts are out hunting they actively chase high gods over normal gods, thus making it LESS safe to be around high gods.

          A story has to be realistic to be acceptable, the character can’t always be OP compared to his surroundings, heck more often than not he has to be the weaker one, forced into compromising situations that keep us readers on the edge of our seats.

          By not fusing the worldwalking mystery, IET did something REALISTIC and used his brain (yes most people should be capable of this too). the story mentions how only 10% are of the earth law and that worldwalking is also not as easy to understand as others and thus even less well known. How do you fuse a mystery when you see ZERO connections between them? also if you read it clearly, mentions were made how even people with the power of 7star fiends have been trapped in this place unable to escape, people at that level have surely fused quite a lot of their mysteries in a single law to say the least. If they still couldn’t escape and instead went missing as if something was actively hunting for such people, what is to say that managing to fuse just 1 more mystery at the god rank would make him capable of escape? more so… would he leave behind Delia, Bebe and Olivier if his method becomes successful but for only himself? besides, just escaping doesn’t gain him any positives if such a thing as leaving his friends and family behind has to occur.

          getting disappointed because the MC doesn’t have a clear and narrow path to becoming a paragon? who ever said it was so easy a rank to reach, or that it could be so convenient outside of pure training to have the freedom to make such a choice? His wind clone isn’t trying to fuse sound waves to his velocity or music to velocity. he is fusing them to get sound which he has knowledge of, so if he masters the fusions of velocity and sound separately will you suddenly be disappointed and assume he can no longer reach paragon in wind either?

          they spent a month trying out many things, coming up with lots of idea’s and eventually gave up escaping for the time being, so why do you insist that his practice must be dictated to trying to escape? when they have been essentially guaranteed a safe time of maaaaaany years to train in peace (barring Linley’s mess up this time not happening). Mastering world walking even not as a fusion is a massive boost to Linley’s survivability against the amethyst beasts, why complain about a sound decision?

          1. @sylvia Good to see another view on this! 😀 ..I like it but i was not complaining..i merely had another view and from my perspective some things didnt make sense..
            A few things i dissagree on:
            * Linley becoming a High God is in no Way OP, he was described as an incredible genius to begin with.. He is the MC and on top of that this I-Realm is Hyped to be so incredible OP that even if you a High God You still just average… Like You already stated You have Many High Tier Fiends /High gods and characters that fused many insights.. So in my opinion a mere status of beginner high god is not OP at all , on the contrary to scare small fries they needed delia.. and even before this find arc High gods in general dont even scare all small fries (in groups!)
            * When I was mentioning Paragon >> I was talking about the future.. and in No way i mentioned it had to be soon!! Even if Linley became a high god it will probably take many arcs and years before he will even come close so I think your interpretation was quite different from mine:D
            * I get the training aspect and the whole learning escaping tech/insights. point of view so I dont even complain about that part on the contrary i was rather excited..But next to the powerup I was hoping this would be related/connected to him beeing able to Leave A.mountains ..this seems not to be the case!! thats simply it! >>
            Also i get there were several Starfiends that werent able to leave..but LinLey is the MC so ya cant expect him to hang around for 100 million years right?..and who said that POWER/STRENGHT levels were preventing you from leaving A.mountains? Mayb those fiends they were reffering to simply didnt have the right ELEMENT/AFFINITY that gave them the oppertunity to leave (for example no earth (high)STAR Fiends etc)..This part is still not clear..mayb if ya have a convenient ability it is possible. Since i think this is the case>> I was reffering to those type of advantages when i was talking about the insights of Gravity /Worldwalking .. and i cant vouch for DJinn but im pretty sure he was thinking about the same line. Get it??

            So only in that aspect was I dissapointed.. And besides this I-realm arent there others?? The writer probably isnt going to stay at the I- realm only right? Even if you write about this realm only and rise of the MC in power how long will it take to end this whole I-REALM arc?? So i think that even if You gave the MC a higher status it wouldnt be OP and rushed at all … But thats my opinion! Fact that Linley is the MC probably means he is gonna aim for the highest possible spot right?

            Even if i get your point that you dont want the MC to get OP to quickly.. if this willl take several arcs for him to become high god how long do you think this novel will take??? at some point its bound to speed up right? i rather have it be at this point because even as a “HIGH”god he has a long journey to walk! before even thinking about becoming a Paragon or other form of high tier(Asura, Sovereign adversary etc).. Just saying

            * And this is merely when we are talking about him becoming a H-god, we havent even had a taste of the different clans..His baptism.. The legendary Asuras and figures..he is already struggling to survive while traveling to a city or castle LOL.. He was even attacked with a whole group of elite FIENDS.. how is this considered OP in anyway??

        2. JiRoU-Gino, you and I are thinking on the same wave-length. I really think the author is stalling/adding filler. The MC should totally being focusing on Gravitation and fusing it with his current knowledge. If he did, he’d be able to cancel out the current gravity and enable his whole group to escape. The author seems to be adding filler to continue the storyline and prevent the MC from becoming a Highgod. It’s sad, because the author totally set things up and then proceeded to stall, stall, stall so the MC doesn’t become too powerful, too fast.

          Sylvia does have a point. If the MC became a Highgod too quickly he’d rapidly become too powerful and could ruin the rest of the storyline. But I do agree with you that just becoming a “Highgod” is totally not the end of his advancement. He could continue to fuse more of the Profound Truths within an element, and even potentially fuse two or more different elements (he still has not learned any Destruction Overgod techniques as well).

          Overall, I think that the author intends to have the MC compete with 7-star Fiends, and then Paragons, and then Sovereigns, and potentially even Overgods. There is a great deal of advancement left for the MC even after he becomes a Highgod. For now, I think the author is adding filler to keep the story going.

          1. @Djinn precisely.. We still have the storylines like: The clans, Asuras, Sovereigns, other realms.. And since there is a huge difference between Gods, High Gods I dont think its to OP to become a H-God as MC.. So its feels like a minor filler arc at this point .. i do get Sylvia tho, but even when MC and crew were surroundend with top tier Fiends (which Linley cant compete with for a long period of time) they were struggling and courting death! So i think its even necessary to powerup at least to the point that they can travel without playing bluff poker with Delia LOL (or Beirut is Bebes grandpa type of excuse).. and if a freaking metallic creature filled with TOP TIER FIENDS can still encounter danger while travelling i refuse to believe that MC becoming a beginner High god at just one element is OP ! I want the MC to struggle and grow on a steady pace 2 , but it would be nice if it was in the same type a way as the previous missions or if its connected to a mayor plotline..

            Can we assume now that since nobody was able to escape A.mountains ..that everything related to a possible exit is related to defeating that juvenile beast??
            So since MC is way to weak he has to one shot this beast with his Sovereign Drops or else he is stuck there for life! lol …. Man i need that new chapt. real quick Lol

          2. JiRoU-Gino,

            Good call, dude. Ultimately, the MC has to address two things- the Gravitation Field, and the mind-warping fog. He could do both by fusing the Laws of Earth and Laws of Wind as I mentioned above. I really hope the author doesn’t just go with a “kill the Juvenile Amethyst Beast” and the gravity+fog disappears. I don’t think that will happen though. I still think that the MC will have to deal with both of the elemental issues to escape, and I look forward to reading about his growth in both the Laws of Earth and Wind.

          3. @Djinn It will probably will be like..Kill the juvenile beast (he probably is blocking everyone from leaving) Like Sylvia said fusing probably takes to long.
            Another thing about fusing.. I do believe Linley will @ some point fuse all his insight from a specific element..But wasnt it stated earlier that regarding fusing..Only those with Mutilated Souls are able to fuse different elements with eachoter?? ( So olivier will probably able to, and that previous 6-Star-fiend learmont was able to!) But Linley probably wont be able to right?? Mayb all type of insights of ever element (earth,wind, fire) but not fire with wind !

            Or do you believe there will occur an event that will enable Linley to make this possible in the future??

          4. JiRoU-Gino,

            I do think that the MC will be able to fuse different elements, eventually. For now, I think he’ll just fuse the Profound Truths within the specific elements (like, the six Profound Earth truths within the Laws of Earth). I do wonder though…why is his soul comprised of seven different colors? What are the colors of other souls? And for Olivier…what is the shape of Olivier’s soul, and what are the colors of his soul? I do look forward to reading more about souls and what exactly a “mutated” soul looks like.

          5. the colour of his soul that we read about may or may not have some importance towards the mutated soul bit.

            IET has used it before in relations to the soul and that time it was pretty much “this is normal” or just “this is how the soul is”

            it did strike me as a possibility when it was first mentioned but then he also has 3 specific affinities, and some important people have seen him as his soul comes out to form a clone, and the most we got from them was that due to its shape he could practise in destruction.

            also back in NotG when they got trapped and olivier was able to break free the thing examining them took notice of oliviers soul and commented, but nothing of the sort happened for linley. So he may still have to wait for mutations to do something of importance.

            I just take the rainbow color to mean “living beings with a soul are capable of practising any element”…”you just won’t necessarily be any good at it :P”

          6. @Sylvia Ok what you say makes sense..basically some peepz are able to train in more or multiple elements..depending on their talent ! Linley probably has the ability to train in destruction 2..since it is uncertain what mutilated souls are at the moment and it isnt confirmed if Linley is once of those characters lets skip this part..but what is your view on Linley and his future elements? How much clones do you guys think he will end up with? and do you guys have a theory on the future baptism?? @Sylvia @Djinn??

          7. for the baptism, the story hints it has something important to do with water but not what or why and we don’t know much more than that atm. as for his future clones, since this is IET we are talking about, he will probably aim for every single element through his own power. because having a single body capable of channeling all the elements seems rather important for something in the grand scheme of things. maybe if enough things happen and insane final time jumps then at least 1 or 2 of them should be paragons (probably earth and wind, seems appropriate)

            the mutated (I ROFLEd when I saw your ‘mutilated soul’ bit haha) soul seems to be popping up more frequently now as we know the names of 2 people with it that have been near Linley. only problem with acquiring it is that the soul seems to need to take some serious damage and undergo a fundamental change as a result, that or it’s a pre-destined thing (IET loves destiny theme hehe)

  4. Thanks for the chapters.

    Just a question: Do you think MC will start training in the edict of destruction soon? because quite a few people said his soul is sword shaped, and that allowed him to train in that way. If I recall correctly the first one was (the lord of blufire city) leylin, I dont remember his name thougt.

    1. I keep hoping that he will, but I really think the author is holding off on it for some special reason. Personally I felt that that’s what he should have been doing right now with his original body, but it could be without some additional inspiration he just hasn’t figured it out yet

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