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  1. RWX there is a video ad that keeps showing up on the side of the page it has planets on it and keeps causing lag on my computer, it shows up even when I tried turning adblock on or when I tried selecting it as an ad to block it just keeps coming back 🙁

      1. I’ll ask around and see if I can figure out what’s going on. I haven’t installed any of the code/plugins that would ‘undo’ Adblock.

  2. There are more adds now .. you added more or something .. the site is way laggy now , works wrong jesus …. so many on the left and big one … so distracting 🙁

      1. ||cdn.vidible.tv/prod/2015-05/29/511b13fde4b0c704f12cfd68_v341.swf
        That’s what it says is getting past the filter. I only turned on to ABP to check I swear!

        1. Thank you! Yes, this ad is definitely behaving badly. I’ve reached out to both of my advertising partners to ask them to check to see which campaign ‘owns’ this, and to get rid of it specifically!

          1. I figured out what is causing it. It will be removed today or tomorrow, I will drop that entire network. Thanks.

  3. The ad script seems to be looping

    Connect to ad-server
    processing request
    Failed to load

    Connect to other ad-server

    happens like 10 times

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