New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 35

Hey guys, literally just got off the plane and am in my taxi (fortunately, my phone has a hotspot function). Sorry about the late post, but today was crazy! We were boarded on the plane for like 1.5 hours, then they offboarded us, but like 30 minutes later, they reboarded us, then we waited another hour before taking off. Even after landing, apparently due to congestion at the landing strips, we waited another half hour before taxing in. What a waste! I haven’t done anything and I feel exhausted >.<. Big thanks to our sysadmin, Yn5an3, for helping me make an explanation post, and for his 90% completion of the server move and configuration this week! The server is, in short, utterly kicking arse right now, and we are much more hardened vs all sorts of attacks compared to before. Anyhow, enough kvetching; here's Book 15, Chapter 35 – Amethyst Beasts! This was a regular chapter, and as such it does not count against the queue.

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  1. Kinda sad that sculpting became useless so soon in the story and he only has made one masterpiece. Wish he was like BTTH where alchemy played an important part in story even later on.

    1. He only made one masterpiece that he sold, but in the later chapters, the statues that get created are hinted to be as good, if not better. I.E. Cesar’s statue, Doehring’s statue. And he really cares about training, and he knows that he doesn’t get the same effect that he did in his Institute days.

    1. odorico13, the donations are for Coiling Dragon translation (or the other translations). The ads are for the website. Welcome to the community! 🙂

  2. Thank for the chapter.

    While i’m not exactly a new reader given the amount of time i’m lurking around >.> There is something i should be asking. Since i doesn’t know how to get rid of those ad, i’m not reading chapter on your site, when i get to the chapter page, i do Ctrl+A (To select everything, i usually lag too much to be able to highlight only the chapter so i doesn’t bother which make Ctrl+A select even comment, and everything else in fact) then i Ctrl+C and i go to a private forum, do like i wanted to post a reply then Ctrl+V there and lastly click on preview to be able to read without actually posting. I quit without posting once i’m done.

    What i want to know, is between me than is on your site 30sec/chapter and someone than read on your site, do you get less money from me or it work like view ? so as long i was there, the fact i stayed 30sec will give your site the same as someone than stayed 5-10min reading your chapter (so without browing your site, just reading then leave)

    Sorry not english, so it wasn’t the best way to explain what i wanted to, i just hope it get the job done without causing misunderstanding.

    1. ZeelLeez, wow, I’m sorry to hear that! If it’s impacting your reading experience, go ahead and just install a modern browser (like Chrome), then stick on an Adblock! I honestly am not sure about the answer to that question, but regardless, it’s okay! Thanks for being a fan! 🙂

      1. It’s not as bad as it sound, it was during DDOS attack (was so lagging so bad, i couldn’t even scroll down without banging my head on the screen at that time) It’s cause of DDOS i started doing it but since it stopped it’s a lot better. Which is also why i asked, if my way was giving you less i would start reading here … i don’t have a bad PC far from it, it’s just than i always have soo much thing running at the same time … (youtube 24/24, a flash game … than also run almost 24/24 and that is when i don’t have Age of Wonder III, or the like running in the background, for nomming a few lol)

        Doing my way allow me to keep my thing running without fearing my plugin crash lol

        In short, your site alone (Without DDOS attack) doesn’t do much to my pc … well the first 5 min anyways … but after that, the longer i stay, the worse it become.

  3. For those of you who have adblocker downloaded, you can specifically turn it off for this website which I have just done in order to support them 🙂

  4. thz for the chapter.Hey ren can i ask u something?
    WHY ARE THERE NO MGA CHAPTER???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Hi panha! 🙂

      First of all, please don’t shout, even on the internet.

      Second of all, MGA chapters are done by Flowerbridgetoo, not me.

      Lastly, Flowerbridgetoo has his own schedule, and he usually doesn’t release on Sundays.

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