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  1. Thanks for the chapter, so that guy is gonna die in the hands of Linly after all.
    he’s gonna taste the sovereigns might, not bad for him to die. XD

    1. I hope he doesn’t use it. After all, he only has two drops left. One drop made his dragon form comparable to a highgod weapon, whose changes are permanent. Using a drop up in a single-instance attack is just short-sighted. Better to use it to forge his body again.

      After all, who is to say that the Ancestral Baptism, which is water-based, will take after the gold and blue drop of the ring have been used? Linely doesn’t know about this, but we do. At least Linely knows the two remaining drops could possibly forge his body again.

      However, since the option has been presented, a drop is likely to be used up. Which is a shame, since he’s only been alive for less than 120 years and will already be down to one drop left. He’s not even a highgod yet, let alone a paragon. So, hopefully someone else will break out of confinement in the volcano and deal with this threat so Linely isn’t forced to use a drop.

      1. Well learmot is still inside, and the plot guard armor is still in effect. But if he comes late, one of those will be used. But who knows? maybe it will not be a single attack! He’s the MC after all IET will not waste those.

  2. The way I see it, Linley isn’t necessarily limited to just those drops. Remember, his Sov. Ring can refine souls and is a container for this sovereign power. It isn’t such a big leap to think it can refine sovereign power also.

  3. Thanks a lot for all the translations, i want to know if there is possibility to make a full text versions for the volumes or maybe a epub version?

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