New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 19

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the day!  Book 15, Chapter 19 – Kiss has been released!  This chapter, as with all chapters yesterday, today, and the next two days is sponsored by Strauss Akabara, so let’s have a big round of applause for him!  Thanks, Strauss!

Readers, be warned – this chapter might be upsetting to some of you!  T.T

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    1. Happens all the time over here, it’s just that the page doesn’t refresh properly if you’ve had the preview open before, just hit ctrl+f5 and it will refresh!

  1. Ren, i truly hope you are just trolling us really hard now 😛 I refuse that it’s this damned development that i might, or might not know from some other book series i did read… 😛

  2. i read the chapter before seeing this, it really upset me. ??
    i already said that i would drop CD if Delia died on thier journey, but CD is still good i can’t drop it yet.hehe not before reading 3 to 5 chapter.

    I guess it’s been a long journey for me here, i don’t think i can sleep well tonight coz of delia’s death and the cliff hanger. I know linly is still alive because of plot guard. But delia.huhu ?

    1. Better yet, give us the chapter already 🙂

      Well, I know its pushy and while I’d bet on Ren giving us another early chapter (this chapter is early as well), this damn chapter really pushing our patience.

      On the matter of Delia, I know the chances are slim but I still wish for her to be still alive next chapter. Profound Truth of Deus Ex Machina direly needed!

      1. I literally got up at 6 AM today so I could get this chapter out early…then get the next chapter out on regular schedule, so as to extend the agony xD xD xD

          1. It should be against the law for a person to laugh this hard for this long…

            Okay guys, I’m going into ‘radio silence’ mode. I’ve wasted like 90 minutes just sitting here and laughing, laughing, laughing…

          2. I can imagine, hehe, i am also smirking a lot, it’s funny reading comments at such moments ^.^

            PS: Be careful Ren, it’s possible to die from laughing too much… .O.

        1. I bet you specialize in the laws of evil and mostly practise the art of making a cliffhangers even more deathly. Probaply highgod level.

          Still thx for the chapter

  3. I’m not reading any comments or anything in case spoilers, I am just going out to have a couple of drinks… It’s not even noon yet I hope bars are open. I really need a lot of alcohol right now…

    1. good luck getting drunk, the worries about Deila and Linley are going to keep you sober I’m afraid. Also RWX I don’t care what everyone else is saying. This Cliffhanger is freaking awesome!!! Now maybe this is just me, but I’m having fun imagining all the freaky weird and fun, amazing, superb, unbelievable, etc. etc. ways that Linley and Deila can be saved. Essentially my reasoning is that IET would not kill Deila unless he wants to create an antagonist that Linley has to train to beat in order to get revenge. But honestly in my opinion this guy is too weak to be that kind of antagonist. Anyways, maybe it’s just the story writer in me, 😉 but it’s seriously fun to imagine how stories continue before you know how they do 😛

      P.S. Please post all hate responses to the above comment in the reply section 😛 😛 😛

  4. Ren, your avatar and that next chapter preview, lol!
    Thanks for working on CD
    also, kudos for entertaining readers using the most evil method possible

  5. Lol Ren..that avatar what movie was it from? If I remember correctly he have a clone midget right?
    Btw, thanks for the most awesome made us readers to want more, more and more~ *w*

    1. The nemesis of Austin Powers. I cant remember his name too (it’s waaay past my bedtime now), but i remember he has a pet clone called “mini me”.

      Goddammit Ren!! You’re seriously collecting bad karma for doing thisssss T_T

    2. The movie title, It is Austin Power. And the midjet Mini Me I forgot the name of the real vilain.
      Damn it is a pain in the ass cliffhanger. And yeah Why ins’t it april fool… Delia and Linley can be dead. I won’t belive it.

  6. Hello,

    Hum… why all translator of LN are Evil Sadistic one??? :p

    Thanks you for your hard work and translation I’m a poor leecher (sorry) who really like I Eat Tomatoes and Chinese LN!! Thanks for Strauss Akabara who sponsored it’s (poor me can read it because of him so i’m really happy)!!

    But I thinks that Ren is a Evil Sadistic… Why all translator like so much to stop at a big cliffhanger?

    Ouuuuuuuuuiiiiinnnn Evil one!!!

    Hihihihihi no, no, no I like you even if you are evil anyway thanks you again for this chap! \(>°<)/

  7. If Either of Linley or Dellia dies…….The next chapter will be the last chapter of CD I’m going to read……then I’ll erase the info in my brain that there ever was a novel named CD & I ever read it……
    But….I won’t erase this info from my brain… ” There is an Ultimate Evil, Demonic, Satanic Translator called REN…… and if I ever get the chance I must torture him to death “

  8. I don’t think IET have the balls to kill Delia off this can make people quit reading!

    And BTW what the hell these people from Indigo palace are doing they still have no ideia Linely even exists???
    THe hell with this people hope that Linely gets his batism and leave them to rot.

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