New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 15

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day, and the second regular chapter of the week! Book 15, Chapter 15 – News of Olivier has been released! Enjoy the read! As a regular chapter, this does NOT count against the queue.

…the queue.

Oh, brother…22nd should be my off day, but seeing the queue that high makes me…argh, no. >.< 22nd is my off day! You'll see some stats. This was a great month for us, much better than the previous month, thanks to having the server and everything else be stable! 🙂

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      1. Around Feb.
        On his first day off on Wednesday, it went to 1000%.
        He cleared it about a week latter.
        Then Trauma happened, more or less with the epic Leecher

  1. HOLY SHITE $1040 guys? Were you really that worried that he wouldn’t do the second chapter of the day? Now we have enough covered for the next 13 chapters exactly. THATS NEARLY THE FULL WEEK!

    BTW, Ren, I might have missed it, but what happened to SkyFire Avenue?

    1. That’s nearly as “bad” as first anniversary when Ren got hit in the face with over 1000$ and then after clearing this queue, he proclaimed “queue cleared!” only to be hit with nearly 2000$ in following hours… Lmao that was epic ^,^

  2. Thanks for the chapters and all the donors especially Strauss Akbara for clearing 10 chapters that made Ren considering to cancel his day off. :p

    Needless to say, it’s your day off. Don’t agonize yourself too hard even after you saw the long queue. :p

  3. ren you have earned the day of rest xD got ahead and ignore the queue for the day (unless you want to slowly translate a single chapter ahead of time ready to post when you get back)

    I would say do the same for skyfire and delay it by a day, but I get the feeling someone would ambush me and hold a blade to my neck while I bathe >.> because while I sleep is impossible lol

      1. I doubt that will be happening anytime soon, propably never thanks to those DDOSers … but you can quite easily calculate it by yourself if you want to, just don’t post the amount here.

        1. My experience has been that bragging about money never works out well for anybody anywhere. I don’t even like having the amount show up in the queue, personally…

          1. Well, in this case I think it’s really cool. It shows the appreciation and the feelings for cd

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