New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 7

Morning guys! Big PC still being wonky (I’ll figure it out eventually), but laptop working perfectly fine. Here’s your first chapter of the day! Book 14, Chapter 7 – A Bloody Battle! If you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for our generous donors who sponsored it; Jylenn, JM of the UK, and HV of New Jersey. Thanks so much, guys! And thank you, readers, for your continuing support 😀

This means the queue is cleared, but don’t panic! Monday means the start of a new week, so if the queue remains cleared, you’ll still get your second chapter later as a regular chapter! 😀

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say, i love your site, and love your work, but some of the ads here are to resource demanding for my pc. It runs like shit with three video ads at the same time, so I felt that I needed to activate adblock again. If these video ads are removed, I will disable adblock again.

    1. I just disabled flash for the site. I still get ads, but just not the dubious ones. Thanks to this site I learned about the Polaris Slingshot. Pretty interesting vehicle.

  2. I will panic a much as i want to, thank you very much 😛

    Now excuse me, running around screaming is great cardio, so i better get going on my terror run ^^

  3. Seems like the queue didn’t remain cleared for long !

    Things are getting dangerous again for Linley, I like it !

    Also, I’m curious to know if someone could recommand me a reading comparable to CD in quality and length (already translated).

    1. First, silly Ren should know that the queue doesn’t stay clear for long! Second, Stellar Transformations is roughly as long as CD with what has already been translated.

        1. Thank you !
          I saw ST and I will probably start reading it soon, but I was more interested in finding another writer.

          Still, I didn’t realize that ST had that many chapters already translated.

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