New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 31

Hey guys, here you go, your final chapter of book 14! Book 14, Chapter 31 – Escort Mission has been released! Tomorrow, we’ll be starting on the first chapter of Book 15 – Priceless Treasure! As for this chapter, however, it was sponsored by our generous donors, JK of Louisana, CA of Spain, JHE of Norway, and HS of Washington, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big thank you to them!

With book 14, the ‘introductory’ book to the Infernal Realm done, deeper into the Infernal Realm we go!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Ren. Marathon from the Vol. 1 to here in 2 days XD. Time to change background for desktop to something a bit more sinister since we are in the infernal realm? Oh and how do you add a picture?

    1. Hey there. I think the background changes per season. For example for a couple of months ago there was snow and ice scenary. Now it would probably be ‘summer’ or ‘spring’ scenary.

      As for how to add a picture. You simply go to your profile and scroll down until you see the title avatar.
      Thx for chapter!

  2. I like this manga but I have two major complaints. First is the fact that the the mc gets way too many benefits and it’s way too obvious. For example the pocket dimension and going to the wind valley in which he met lord blue fire. Another one is that Dylin warned him about the consequences of choosing a divine clone yet everyone That has become a deity or God has one. I don’t get the point of his warning.

    1. The first complaint is pretty obvious and it’s honestly a sort of theme for many of these Chinese LNs, but the second complaint is pretty specific lol. Don’t really know what to say about that except that it was Dylin’s mistake- he wasn’t too knowledgeable about souls probably.
      Later it was stated that if every Deity understood the benefits from splitting their soul, everyone would do it.

      1. Yeah the first one is obvious but it should be valid right. I mean a lot of thing are convient in the mc getting more powerful. I get that the mc should get benefits but this is too much. Who knows maybe because this light Novel is just orientated to Linley. Maybe all the light novel are like that. I’ve only read one other light novel

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